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Q: To determine whether a piece of historians evidence is reliable, historians generally?
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Related questions

How do historians evaluate evidence to determine if it is reliable?

by reading straightforward accounts of past events

To determine whether a piece of historical evidence is reliable historians generally?

Answer this question… check to see if the information in the source is confirmed by other sources.

Which method separates modern historians from ancient Greek historians?

basing history on witnesses views of events

Which methods separates modern historians from ancient greek historians?

Basing historical accounts on reliable evidence

Did Pythagoras have any brothers or sisters?

There is no reliable historical record that allows historians to determine whether or not Pythagoras had any siblings.

Which kind of evidence is most reliable to determine how closely related species are?

I thought the DNA is the most effective way to determine how closely related species are.

How could a works-cited list help a reader determine the validity of an essay?

by providing that your thesis is supported with reliable evidence

How could a work cited list help a reader determine the validity of an essay?

by providing that your thesis is supported with reliable evidence

How could a works cited list help a reader determine the validity of an essay?

by providing that your thesis is supported with reliable evidence

Why is it harder for a historian to use sources than for a detective?

Many sources that historians use are not as reliable as those used by a detective. They have to compile different sources from the same era to determine their accuracy.

What historians do?

Historians are people who trained to investigate the past. Historians show us what the past was like. Some times Historians discover new evidence and consider different interpretations of sources. They tell other people about what they have found in these sources and (hopefully) also include information that might contradict their own ideas. They understand the sources and test whether their sources are reliable.

What is reliable evidence?

Reliable evidence is evidence, things you can show or prove that can aid beyond a reasonable doubt, proving a case in a trial. This evidence cannot be contested nor stricken down.

How do historians ensure that their sources are reliable?

cross-checking it.

Why do historians not find livy a reliable source of information?

They do find reliable sources. Without that their work is invalid and wrong.

Why should evidence be material?

This question is vague. Evidence does not have to be material in all situations. In a debate, for example, you use your words and knowledge to hold your position. In court, evidence is generally material because someones future is at stake, and tangible evidence is probably more reliable and easily reevaluated after long periods of standstill in a case.

How reliable is DNA fingerprinting?

It is not infallable, but it is considered reliable enough to be use as evidence.

Do you think primary sources or secondary sources are more valuable to modern historians and why?

Primary sources are more valuable to modern historians because they are more reliable.

What problems do gaps in evidence cause historians?

Historians rely on primary sources to reach conclusions. Gaps in history, where there is no written documentation of events may leave historians in a quandary. They must then rely on archaeological evidence, and secondary sources, if available. Historians must ask the following: Is the information reliable? What was the reputation of the writer at the time? Does the archaeological record, primary, or secondary sources disagree with previously published historiography concerning the person or event? How accurate is prior published historiography concerning the subject matter? New evidence can displace old theories regarding history, so historians must be ready to adjust their thesis to reflect this information. Historians must also recognize that myth may shroud the truth about history. "Lost Cause" mythology concerning the American Civil War is a good example of lies perpetuated as history that has been disproved by primary sources.

What is the best way to determine if a used car dealer is reliable?

There are many ways to determine if a used car dealer is reliable. One way to check if a dealer is reliable is to check internet sites to look at its ratings. Also, you can ask friends and relatives about car dealers that they believe are reliable.

Does smoking marijuana stop you from growing?

No. There is no reliable evidence of that.

Why is physical evidence important?

Physical evidence is important because it is considered extremely reliable. Physical evidence is possibly more valuable than direct evidence. Circumstantial evidence is perhaps the least valuable form of evidence.

When trying to determine if a website provides reliable information you should do what?

When trying to determine whether or not a website provides reliable information, a person should check and see who runs the site and whether or not they are credible.

What is the difference between accurate and reliable?

Accurate is something that you can totally trust and reliable is something you can trust but still needs more evidence.

Does physical evidence have greater value than eyewitness in court?

Evidence and witnesses are only as good as the lawyers questioning them or presenting evidence. Both can be reliable or found unreliable.

How can such apparently reliable evidence lead an auditor to an improper conclusion?

Even with such apparently reliable evidence an auditor can still be lead to an improper conclusion due to human error. If you feel the conclusion was not correct you may want to consider appealing the decision if possible.