To What extent did the evacuation of Dunkirk helped to determine the outcome of World War 2?

Soldiers rescued on the Dunkirk beaches went home were re-armed and later returned for the invasion of France. Answer Neither UK nor the US were fully prepared for war. So there were some losses and retreats by both countries during the first year or so. Sometimes, men had to be sacrificed because relief could not be provided. The British went into France to help stop the German advance. These sacrifices helped mold the countries into a unified force. The retreat of Dunkirk did save those troops from capture but it also helped the British commanders realize that reteat had to be accepted until they could get more prepared for war. It also strengthened their resolution to defend their own country during the Battle of Britian. Also, General Harold Alexander was placed in charge of the evacuation of Dunkirk. He was the last British general to leave the beaches. Then he was selected to go to Burma and try to pull together a defense there. But he had to accpet retreat and eventually evacuated that country to the advancing Jap army. Even after these two defeats, he was recognized for his outstanding leadership and was knighted. The decisions during the early years of the war would have a significant outcome on the planning and execution of the campaigns that would follow in North Africa, Asia, Pacific and eventually, Germany.


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