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Rather than trying to perfect your bulemia technique, you may want to seriously consider getting some help. Bulemia can lead to psychological distress, sickness and even death. Contact you physician, overeaters anonymous or a local counselor to put yourself on the path to lasting health. Good luck.

2006-07-24 13:14:34
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Names of all eating disorders?

Anorexic--Starvation Bulimic--Throwing up everything you eat Binge eating- when you eat and eat and not feel full

Why is being bulimic harmful?

First of all, being bulimic is harmful because you will eventually starve to death if you persist in bulimia. Second of all, your teeth will decay because of the constant throwing up. Bulimia is VERY harmful.

Do anorexics binge eat?

Some of them do, and can become bulimic by throwing it all up.

Is it possible that you have bulimia?

If you find urself forcfully throwing up meals you are bulimic.

Will your thighs get smaller if your bulimic?

I think everything gets smaller when you're bulimic and that makes your head look HUGE and then you look like a lollipop (hot).

How many teens have anorexia and bulimia?

Roughly 1 in every 250 teens are predicted to be anorexic. About 2% of teens are bulimic. (Note - Throwing up forcefully even once can qualify a person as bulimic.)

What do you do if you are bulimic?

When you are bulimic, you throw up after you eat. After you do this so much, you start automatically throwing up after you eat. And it's hard to stop because your so used to getting rid of that bulge in your stomach, that when you eat you feel very uncomfortable and the only way to relieve that feeling is to throw up.

When a person is bulimic how often do they throw up and do they ever eat and not throw up?

Not all bulimics throw up. Bulimia is binging & purging. Purging can be throwing up, but it can be also through laxatives, over exercising, or fasting. A bulimic has to be a binge eater, a binge is eating a ton of food in a short amount of time. Such as 3,000 calories in a half hour. The bulimic has no control over this. Bulimia is not just throwing up!!

Why is bad to be bulimic?

Being bulimic isn't bad. People just say it is because they are jealous that you are becoming skinny and they aren't. I think everyone should be bulimic so we can all be wonderfully skinny!

Are you bulimic?

About 1 in every 200 people is bulimic or has some bulimic tendencies.

What is badder anorexic or bulimic?


Why is there often a delay in a bulimic getting medical help?

But because the bulimic may deny there is a problem, getting medical help is often delayed.

What does it mean when you throw up big bubbles of Phelgm I am bulimic if that helps and yes I am trying to stop?

Throwing up large bubbles of phlegm likely means that there is some type of drainage going on in your body. It is a healthy choice to be trying to stop being bulimic.

How much weight does someone gain after recovering from being bulimic?

You will more than likely gain everything back and then some. Your body's metabolism gets all messed up and it is difficult to not gain weight even while maintaining a "regular" diet and exercise. This makes it extremely difficult not to relapse.

Can a narcissist be bulimic?

Certainly, anyone can be bulimic.

If your bulimic and pregnant how can that hurt the baby?

if your bulimic and pregnant it could really hurt the baby, because for the simple fact that a baby needs food to grow esp. at that age it's so small it needs the food to grow properly and when your eating and than throwing it back up, the baby is not getting any nutrition so that could possibly even be fatal to the baby.

How can you tell if someone stopped being bulimic?

When people are bulimic, they get sores near the sides of their mouth from the stomach acid and they actually get fatter because they are retaining water. When the sores go away and the bloating stops you know they aren't bulimic anymore.

Why is it difficult for others to know that bulimics have an illness?

Bulimic behavior is often carried out in secrecy, accompanied by feelings of guilt or shame.

Do bulimic people reasurch bulimia?

i am bulimic and i researched it after i was diagnosed.

Is Michelle Duggar bulimic?

Michelle was bulimic in high school.

If you are bulimic do you throw up after everything you eat?

Never. What you're doing is called "purging" and it is EXTREMELY unhealthy. Please talk to a doctor as soon as possible because this is a condition that can eventually result in serious illness.

How can bulimic kill you?

Yes, bulimia can kill you. If you are throwing up everything you eat then you are not getting the nutrients your body needs. And everytime you throw up hydrochloric acid comes up from your stomach with your food and it eats away at your esophagus and will eventually make you start bleeding and it will get to a point where it won't be able to heal and you will die.

What could make you vomit up everything you eat and drink?

Either you inhale or ingest something that your body finds threatening or you are bulimic.

Is Megan Fox A Chocoholic?

Yeah , she loves chocolate , and she's bulimic , so she throws everything she eats up. ;) Smart girl!

How much weight do you lose if your bulimic?

If you're asking because you're considering becoming bulimic, you should see someone and discuss it with a doctor or therapist or someone that can help. Eating disorders are very scary and can seriously damage your health and possibly kill you. That said, bulimics lose some weight but not nearly as much as anorexics because they're still taking food in. Some of the nutrients enter their body before being purged either through throwing up or the use of laxatives. Bulimics usually have rotting teeth from all the stomach acid they are throwing up. It's very much an eating disorder, but you don't lose nearly as much weight as a bulimic than you would as an anorexic. Again, if you are considering becoming one, please seek professional help.