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Q: To export a VLC movie file to quicktime so you can upload it on final cut you opened it on VLC as an ogb file?
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How do you take a movie made in Final Cut Express and post it on YouTube?

Right click on the sequence in your bin, click on export, quicktime video, and it will default to a .mov file. If your video it long, say more than 7 minutes, you might need to export as quicktime conversion, and shrink your size just a bit, because youtube has size limits.

Does final cut express 4 work with istopmotion 2 home?

Final Cut Express is video editing software and iStopmotion is stop motion animation creation software. They do not work together but as they both use the standard QuickTime formats you can export your video from iStopmotion in a format suitable for importing into Final Cut Express.

How do you import videos from final cut studio to fx home or the other way around?

in final cut go to file>export>quicktime conversion. then import into fx home. In final cut go to file>import. select the file on your hard drive, and hit import hope this helps

Hi Caryl, I am happy?

Hi Caryl, I am happy to assist you today. As you're aware, Final Cut is rather limited on the file formats it can use. Fortunately, there is a free piece of software that can convert your videos to a format Final Cut can use. The software can be located here: . Once you've installed the software, import your MPEG-2 video, and chose "Quicktime" as the export type. Let me know if this software helps you use your video in Final Cut!

Can Final Cut Express process files that are played with the VLC player?

Final Cut Express can import and export file formats that are supported by Quicktime (including formats added with plug-in extensions) many of these formats can be played with the VLC player. The VLC player is available for several platforms (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, GNU, Linux, BeOS, BSD, eComStation and iOS) but not all formats can be played on all supported platforms.

Is there a program to extract audio from video files to another audio formats?

Most Video Editors (Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut etc.) can extract the audio track and save it as another file type (WAV, MP3, etc). Upgrading the free Quicktime Player to Quicktime Pro will allow you to do this too.

What final cut pro format does Hollywood movies use?

Every studio is different, all have exact specifications for what they want their video in. Some studio's still edit back to tape before it goes to production. Typically most studios will export as uncompressed. In Final Cut Pro this is QuickTime. Hard to believe I know that at one time movies like True Grit and The Social Network were at one time a gigantic .MOV. It's important to note that a 10minute video uncompressed .mov will be in excess of 10GB, that gives you an idea of exactly how big a feature film would be.

How do you convert a wlmp file to a mp4 file for mac?

In order to play .wlmp files on Mac QuickTime, iTunes, iPad, iPod, or edit WLMP files in iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, we have no other choices but to convert WLMP to MP4, MOV, or MP3.

How do you make videos upload faster on YouTube?

Once you're happy with your final result, you'll need to save the video in a format that YouTube can accept in order to upload. Unless you're a professional video producer, we recommend that you save your videos as either QuickTime .MOV, Windows .AVI, or .MPG files- these are the most common formats and they work well within our system. We specifically recommend the MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) format at 640x480 resolution with MP3 audio. Resizing your video to these specifications before uploading will help your clips look better on YouTube. So there some good converter u will be used: Moyea Video Converter

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Will final cut express 2 work on an Intel 2009 apple mac?

There may be problems with QuickTime as a 2009 Mac will require the latest version of QT (currently 7.6.2) whereas FCE2 can have problems with anything above 7.2. A cheap copy of FCE2 qualifies for a cheap upgrade to FCE4.

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What are the import and export settings for the Panasonic ag hmc70 in final cut studio 7?

Panasonic's AG HMC70 captures in AVCHD 1080/60 which is not supported directly in Final Cut Pro 7 but there are many options for HD 1080/60 formats and Apple recommends their ProRes format which you can select from the Easy Setup in the Final Cut menu. If you type AVCHD into FCP Help search box there is a lot of useful information there.

My camcorder records videos in mpg file extension and I used Final cut Pro to edit my video file. The video file won't recognize. Can someone please help. I need to convert mpg to either mov or mp?

You'd better use a good software to convert mpg files. Just download and free trial Final Cut Express Converter which can convert your mpg files to any other video formats like quicktime mov, mp4, dv etc. Easy to use. Yahoo or Google search and download: Final Cut Express Converter.

Do you have to render your videos to export them in final cut pro?

Not necessarily, you can edit your video and still export it without needing to render it. Rendering just helps edit since if formats a preview so you can play the sequence in the common format that your FCP sequence is. Also if your video is a different frame rate than the sequence or you have multiple layers your will need to render after modifying any of the clips.

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