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To get into college do you need good vocal skills?

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Vocal skills are not required to go to college. Many course require no speaking, simply being able to attend class and take the tests and turn in the papers. If one has a handicap, consult with the advisers as to make it as minimal and issue as possible.

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What physical skills do they need for singers?

good at memorizing and have a good voice. A Singer should have good vocal skills and also be able to dance or act on stage. They should look professional.

What kind of an education do you need for a project management position?

You need some college in most cases. You need good math skills and to be good a dirrecting people. You will also need skills on the type of projects, archetecture, engineering, etc.

What skills do you need to be a author?

You need good grammar skills, and good English skills. You also have to be able to spell correctly.

What skills do you need to be a banker?

need to go to college and get a master degree

What subjects in high school do you need to study microbiologist?

You need to get your graduation requirements done, get a good GPA, pass tests, and then you will be able to go to college. Your classes in high school will build your skills for college.

What skills does a finance manager need?

good skills

What do you need to coach college soccer?

good skills. You need well control of the ball, Cuase if you can't control the ball as a coach then how do you expect for your kids to know to.

How can you be an economist?

Study economics at a university or college. Although you do not have study economics to become one. You need to have very good quantitative skills and be good at analyzing markets

What skills you need to be a hairdresser?

to be a good hairdresser you need to be:artistic.patent.good social skills.good at budgeting .have a business plan and keep to it.high standard of organisational skills.

How much education does a singer need?

They need talent ability learning education and good vocal cords

What is the skills needed to be a medical doctor?

the skills that you need to become a doctor is a medical degree which you can get at college.

What skills are needed when you want to become an accountant?

to become an accountant you will need good mathematical skills and correct spelling, and also a good eye for detail. You can take courses at a community college, then go from there to see if this career suits you.

What skills do you need to become a medical assistant in healthcare?


What kind of skills do you need to become a meteorologist?

Good skills

What kind of college do you need to be a doctor?

You Need too go to a Good College

How do you become a mortgage loan closer?

You don't necessarily need to go to college. You can find a Mortgage company that is willing to train you. You need to be good with numbers, be organized, good computer skills, and work well with deadlines.

What skills are needed to be an lawyer?

UMM.... a brain and something called "college" to the flippant person before me: your brain is not a skill you posses you need to have good debating skills. you need to be able to interpret laws in different ways. you need to be a good people person. the ability to work well under pressure, and extreme dedication.

What are the skills and qualities a nurse needs?

they need to have good communication skills

What education do you need to have to become a secretary?

Well you need to have computer skills, filing skills, telephone skills, and you have to be as nice to people as possible when talking. You have to business college. But you don't even have to go to college. Its not necessary to go but if you did, you'de have a better chance to get the job

What aptitudes and abilities are needed as a veterinarian?

You need to have good communication skills, good time management skills, good emotional control and good teamwork skills. In addition, you need to have the technical skills required by veterinary medicine - examination, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, etc.

What skills do you need for netball?

== == == == In Netball, you will need, running skills, catching skills, throwing skills, defending/intersecting skills, shooting skills, teamwork skills, dodging skills, footwork skills, good coordination and stopping skills. Your brain will also need to think fast.

What skills do you need to pllay a trumpet?

you don't need skills you just need calibrated fingers and good lungs and airflow.

What skills do you need to become a guitarist?

you need to be good at guitar

What personal skills do you need to be a football player?

In order to be a good football player, you need good team and communication skills. However, you do not need the same type of skills that might be necessary in a more traditional job.

Why do you need good writing skills?

You need good writing skills in order to express yourself well in writing. You also need these skills to complete an application for employment and to write a simple letter or even an email.