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No, don't use hair conditioner for your face. It was designed for hair. What you could do is stop using cleansers on your face and just rinse with water until your skin is less sensitive. Whatever cleanser you are using now is likely the culprit. Get a new and gentle cleanser, use a diluted amount while in the shower. As soon as you get out, apply a moisterizer designed for dry skin. I am 52 and still have nice skin despite almost never using moisturizers. I think it's because I don't wear much make-up, don't rub my face when I wash it and always use DOVE soap. I'm a real fan of DOVE.

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Q: To help moisturize your dry face would it be a good idea to put conditioner on your face as well as your hair and rinse while in the shower?
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How do you shower?

Take off all of your clothes and place them in the dirty clothes hamper. Turn the water on and let it get to a comfortable temperature for yourself before you get in. Once you get in the shower, get your entire body wet. Start from the top. Wash your hair with the shampoo - rinse. Put conditioner in your hair. While the conditioner is in your hair proceed to step Put body soap on your wash rag and wash your body starting from the top. Wash both arms, torso, both legs. Be sure to get in all of the cracks and crevaces. Rinse the conditioner out of your hair. Using face soap, wash your face good. Dry yourself off good while still standing in the shower so as not to make puddles on the floor outside of the shower.

Do you put a rinse in your hair while it is wet or dry?

Do it while the hair is wet. You can also put the rinse in your conditioner and apply it that way. It will save you time from applying each step separately.

My nipples itch?

Get naked Go in the shower Rub you nipple while you rinse it with hot water

How do you make damaged hair soft?

when in shower apply shampoo, rinse, re-apply and rinse again turn off your shower while in the shower, apply normal amount of conditioner, brush your hair, then once all knots are out put on LOADS, i mean LOADS then get out the shower put a towel on your hair leave for 30minutes-1hour then rinse off, and your hair will be left lovley and smooth. depending which shampoo you usee , i use sheer blonde and i get these gift sets and in the gift sets you have a hair mask for damaged hair i put tht on for 15 minutes and when i rinsed it of my air smelt+looked incredible and it totally fixes my hair because i starighten my hair 24/7.

Is it bad for your hair to brush it while it is still wet?

Nope! It's actually good for it! Especially if you are in a shower with conditioner in your hair.

Should you wear a tampon in the shower?

No, there's no need to use tampons in the shower (and don't use tampons when not menstruating).You can shower while using internal menstrual products like tampons, sponges, menstrual cups, or softcups if you want to avoid blood coming out during showering and after when you get out of the shower. It is perfectly okay to shower without wearing internal menstrual products though, just rinse off at the end of your shower and have a pad ready for once you get out the shower - if you get blood on the towel rinse in cold water and then soak before washing as normal.

How do you make your hair soft?

Steps:1. BEFORE shower/bath, flip your head upside down and massage your scalp2. When using conditioner [after shampoo], put ALL over your hair [yes, even scalp] and let it stay there for 5-15 minutes while bathing.3. Rinse thoroughly while massaging scalp4. Every night before bed, brush your hair and scalp [even the upside down way] for 5-10 minutesleaving conditioner in your hair gives dandruff

Do you keep your tampon in when you shower?

Yes, if you want you can keep your tampon in when you go in the shower.Whether you keep your tampon in while in the shower or not doesn't really matter as you can still shower either way and being in the shower doesn't effect your tampon in any way. It is best to keep the tampon in because then you don't have to worry about getting blood on the towels when you get out of the shower. If you shower without the tampon in just rinse before getting out of the shower, then dry-off quickly before putting in a new tampon or a pad.

For how long are coil piercings typically swollen?

They shouldn't swell at all, that's because of the cleaning solution you are using. Just rinse the piercings daily under warm running water and leave them alone. You don't need special cleansers for piercings just water and a little diluted anti bacterial soap once and a while other than that rinse it daily under running water after your shampoo and conditioner. You gotta get the conditioner out of the piercings so rinse well.

How do you get rid of nits naturally?

don't go round buying lots of expensive lotions just buy tea tree shampoo and conditioner and use it every night and while the conditioner is still in your hair use a nit comb and softly comb it through then rinse

How do you clean a plastic shower curtain?

To clean a plastic shower curtain fill a large bucket with a cup of white vinegar, a half a cup of ammonia, and one gallon of water. While wearing gloves and use the mixture to wash the shower curtain. Then rinse the curtain off with clean water and hang to dry.

Are the effects of volumizing conditioners longer lasting if the conditoner is a "leave-in" type instead of a "rinse-out" type?

Not necessarily. Leave-in conditioners are usually light weight while rinse out conditioners tend to be heavier or thicker. Most people rinse them out to avoid getting 'weighed down' hair, but you could certainly leave in regular conditioner if you need the moisture.

Do you shampoo your hair when rinsing out dye?

Yes, rinse the hair with water, then apply shampoo and work into a good lather. Be sure to gently scrub the scalp while shampooing to remove any excess color that has stained the scalp. Follow with a good conditioner. Rinse well and style as usual.

What is a shower dance?

Simply dancing while taking a shower is called shower dance :)

How do you tell your friend that she smells?

if you are a girl it will be easier to tell her that she smells first tell her what shampoo she usesor,purfume,toothpaste,cream,conditioner or even what she eats and maybe tell her when does she brush her teeth. if you are a boy/man say how many times he/she should have a bath/shower and say what should be used while taking a bath/shower if you are a girl it will be easier to tell her that she smells first tell her what shampoo she usesor,purfume,toothpaste,cream,conditioner or even what she eats and maybe tell her when does she brush her teeth. if you are a boy/man say how many times he/she should have a bath/shower and say what should be used while taking a bath/shower

What are some home remedies to get soft hair?

Here are a few ideas: -Get a jar of mayo and put maybe half of the jar in your hair, wait for half an hr and then shower.-While your in the shower, take 2 eggs and put the yolk in your hair as if it were shampoo. (shampoo and condition afterwards of coarse)-After shampooing, put a mix of 3 spoons of yogurt and 1 egg yolk in your hair and wrap it with a shower cap. Leave in for 15 min then rinse your hair.-Buy Leave-In conditioner and put it in after every shower.-Buy a heat-comb and use it once a week.-STILL SHOWER EVERYDAY, but only shampoo your hair every OTHER day. Like one day you wash it, the next day you don't.

Can you get a jerry curl without rolers?

Yes. I did mine in the shower with my fingers and conditioner. -completely soak your hair. -massage conditioner into your roots and gradually go down the strand. -with conditioner on your fingertips, section your hair into small parts.(like unorganized box braids. -while holding the root of the section, untangle it(even if you think it's untangled, trust me.) -then begin to tightly twist the root and gradually go down. -finally after all that twisting, rinse your hair in the coolest water you can stand If it doesn't come out how you want, I'm sorry. Mine worked because i have pretty coarse hair.

Is it ok to take a shower with an ear infection?

Yes.It is ok to take a shower when you have one, but it may be better to take a bath as long as you dont submerge you ear while using shampoo and conditioner, probally try to use a plastic cup to block the water.Hope This Helps!

How to comb hard to manage hair?

Take a shower with lots of conditioner. While it is still wet if there is still knots take a brush and gently start at the bottom of the hair and work your way up :)

If you have nappy hair and then you get a perm can you put weave in it after a while?

yes, but you wont be able to moisturize your scalp as much

Are there any tips on making hair grow faster?

yess (: what i do is.. - before i shower, i massage my scalp for about 5-10 mins (sounds weird, but it works because it stimulates your veins and blood flows faster). - get a trim every 6-8 weeks - get a deep conditioning treatment every once in a while - use a brush in the shower to comb through conditioner - and always make sure your hair is moisturized, not dried out. so use leave in conditioner after your shower before you blow dry your hair.

Can you shower while you have your period?


Is it bad to shower while you have the flu?

No, it's not bad to shower while you have the flu. It can actually make you feel better and more refreshed.

What uses less water a bath or shower?

a shower if you take a quick one.Actually, it's a bath. When you are taking a shower, you usually want it to be warm or hot. While you are waiting for the shower water to heat up, water is going down the drain. While you are applying soap on your washcloth, water is going down the drain. While you are washing yourself, you don't want the shower water to rinse until the soap is all over you. It's going down the drain. As you're rinsing off, it's going down the drain.With a bath, you may wait for the water to heat up. After that, you plug up the pluggy thingy and the water stays. It only leaves when you take off the pluggy thingy.a shower :):):):):):):):):):):):)?:):)The answer is a shower uses far less water than a bath. A five minute showers uses a third of the amount of water used in bathing.

What are shower caps for?

To put on your head and keep your hair dry while taking a shower.