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No you just have to get the water level below the skimmer after that you should have no trouble making repairs.

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Q: To put in a new skimmer does the pool have to be empty of water?
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Can you replace the skimmer without replacing the liner?

Yes you can. Drop the waterline in the pool below skimmer level, dig a whole around your skimmer to gain access. Unscrew the skimmer faceplate and remove it as well the old gasket. You also have to remove the second gasket between liner and wall. Detach the pipe(s) from the skimmer. Now install the new skimmer by attaching the pipe(s) to the skimmer put new gaskets in place screw the faceplate back on and you're done. Don't forget to fill your hole again and put water back in the pool to the appropriate level. ;-) Jens Poseidon Pool Services, Dunrobin, ON

How can you reinforce a rusted skimmer hole in an above ground pool?

You can cut a new piece of metal to size, with the appropriately-sized hole for the skimmer, and replace the rusted metal with the new piece.

Is there any kind of repair kit for a rusted pool wall around your through wall skimmer?

If this is an above ground pool you could just pull the old skimmer out cut the rusted section of metal out hit it with some rust converter, replace the section where there is no metal with a new metal forget about the old skimmer setup and replace it with a "floating pool skimmer" they do a better job any way.

How do you fix the skimmer flaps on an inground concrete pool?

Actually, they aren't a bad thing to remove all together. Skimmer flaps are a notorious place for algae, especially black or mustard, and bacteria to hide and grow, which makes reoccurance terribly probable. Removing them all together will not harm the performance of your pool. I beg to differ with the answer above - The skimmer works because the water jets create a flow which pushes the water past the skimmer. The skimmer is pulling water down which causes debris on the top of the water to get caught in the basket. The skimmer flap(s) limits the amount of water being sucked in by the skimmer causing more suction and making the skimmer more efficient. It is important for the skimmer doors, or "weirs" as they are called, to be in place for your skimmer to work properly. Try it for yourself. With the skimmer running, place your hand, a brick or some other obstruction where the skimmer door should be. Restrict the water flow a bit in some way. You will see a much larger volume of water being sucked into the skimmer than with no door at all. If you already have a flap or wier in place, do the reverse. With the skimmer running, hold the door completely open and see hose the flow virtually ceases. Replacement weirs or flaps can easily be found at your pool store. Just take your old one with you or measure the opening where it should sit. Little pegs on the sides of the replacements are spring loaded to keep it properly situated so it is very important that the new weir be exactly where you want it before pulling the pins securing the pegs. I hope this has helped!

How do you replace the skimmer in an above ground pool?

Reduce the water level down to approx. 3 inches below the skimmer. Loosen the existing screws of the skimmer but don't remove them. Only remove the skimmer body. If the skimmer body does not come off the outside pool wall then you have screws holding it under the face plate. Unfortunately, in this case you will have to remove the faceplate to get at the screws which hold the body to the pool wall. It is best to leave the face plate on so you don't lose the position of the liner in relationship to the already existing holes. You can pull back the faceplate enough to put some duct tape on the liner and the pool wall to hold it in place. You can screw through the duct tape. Install new skimmer without losing the cut out or screw holes. It is also advantageous to use new gaskets.

How do you install a skimmer in an in-ground pool that is 20 years old?

First of all you cut the concrete 2 paralell cuts from pool edge toward the pool equipment, jack hammer out concrete remove old skimmer and coping , plaster, etc, trench out from skimmer location to exist skimmer/drain line,set new skimmer in place plumbin to old skimmer line pour concrete around base of skimmer to set in place, wrap 1/2" rebar drilled and epoxyed into exist pool gunite, build form around skimmer and rebar, pour form with rapid set mortar, pour final layer of finish concrete, replace coping repair plaster and voila you r done

How do you keep frogs from dying in your inground swimming pool?

There is a solution! A new invention that allows frogs to escape from dying in inground pools. It is called the Critter Skimmer, and it is a ramp that is attached to the skimmer cover that allows them to crawl out of the pool. It really works. All inground pools are designed to push everything into the skimmer, so the frogs will always find their way out. Just replace your existing skimmer cover with the critter skimmer and no more dead frogs! It's amazing. I haven't seen a dead frog in my pool since. go to

How do you empty inground pool hydrostatic pressure?

Let a pool pro. do it for you. Or you will be paying for a new pool.Never empty a pool unless you have some type of well point system, de-watering system around you're in ground pool. If You're pool installer encountered water,clay,any kind of surface water, they had to put a de-watering system to install you're pool.A Good pool co. will leave the system in when they are finished. But, do not drain until you call the installer.

Do you have to replace a pool liner 18 x 48 above ground once the pool has been taken apart?

It really depends on the age of the liner. If its 2 or under it can be packed in water and reused. If its older it is impossible and most likely is already dried out from chlorine and sun. To play it safe its easier to start with a new liner. Its difficult to realign the cut out for the skimmer if you have an in the wall skimmer also.

What do you need to fill and start a new pool?

when you have filled the pool so the static skimmer is underwater and water can get to the filtration system let it run for about 24 hours. the best thing to do after that is to take a sample of water from a bout an arms length down from the surface of the pool. Do this by thoroughly cleaning a soft drink bottle or something like that, Hold it upside down as you put it in the water push it down as far as you can reach and turn it around when the bole is full cap it and take it to a pool shop. Let them know that this is new water. and also where it came from,They will tell you from testing your water exactly what is required to get the water ready to swim in.

Can you reuse above ground pool liner when moving a pool?

Not bloody likely.... The liner will shrink when the pool is emptied. (depending on how old) Even if it is a brand new liner, it will be almost impossible to line the holes back up for the skimmer and return. They would then become a leak problem on the new pool location. Good luck.

You heard new pool water is green and turns blue in a few days is this true?

You have to treat pool water with pool chemicals and use a pool filter to get and keep the water clear.

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