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take your old bulb out, go to the store, and get the one that looks the exact same. it is a standard bulb. if you want to know the number, go to an automotive store and ask... The bulb number to replace your headlights is #9003. This is a high/low bulb. If there is any other light that you would like to replace on your car or any other car, click on the following link and you can find lights for any vehicle: Hope this answers your question. Jeff

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Q: To replace 1993 Honda Civic headlight bulbs with Xenon headlights how do you find the replacement numbers?
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How do you replace the headlights on a 2001 Ford Focus?

Are you asking how to replace the entire headlight assembly -OR- how to replace just the headlight bulb? Just the bulb.

How do I replace the truck headlights?

Truck headlights can be found at your local auto supply store. Unscrew the cover for the old headlight, remove it and then remove the old headlight. You will need a screwdriver and possibly a wrench for this. Next, replace the broken headlight with the new one, and replace the headlight cover. Lastly, check to make sure the new headlight works.

How do you replace headlights on 2002 safari?

You will have to take the bolts off the old headlights and simply replace the old headlight and screw the bolts back in.

How do you replace the headlights cover of a 1996 Honda?

You have to replace the entire headlight assembly not just the cover.

How do you Replace headlight bulb on 89 probe?

You have to replace the headlight on the 89 probe not the bulb. There are four screws that secure the headlight. I turned my headlights on and unhooked the battery so I could replace it while it was in the up position. For standard replacement bulbs I suggest buying them at Wal-Mart. They are about half the price you would pay at an auto parts store.

Why would you need to replace the headlights on your Chevy truck?

You need to periodically replace the headlights on your Chevy truck when the headlights start getting dim. You can purchase replacement headlights from retailers such as Parts Source.

Replace Headlight?

form_title=Replace Headlight form_header=Improve your night vision and safety! We will help you find an experienced auto technician to replace your headlight. Do you need the bulb replaced, or the entire headlight?= Do you have halogen or HID headlights?= () Halogen () HID () Not Sure

How much does it cost to replace headlights on 2009 dodge charger?

To replace each headlight assembly on a 2009 Dodge Charger is $100.73. So it will be more than $200.00 to replace both headlights.

How to install headlight on 1998 Toyota Corolla?

How to replace 1998 Toyota corolla headlights

How do you change headlight on 1991 Chevy c1500?

You remove grill to remove and replace the headlights.

1994 Dodge Dakota the headlights tail lightsdashboard panel lights and brake light will not turn on?

replace the headlight switch its wore out replace the headlight switch its wore out

How to Replace a Headlight?

If you drive an automobile, you will have to eventually replace the headlights. Headlight replacement typically is required every two years on most automobiles. Many automobiles that are new will still be under the factory warranty so you can take the automobile to the dealership where you bought it and have them replace the current headlights and maybe burned out or destroyed.Headlight replacement can take a few hours to do but it is not complicated. If you plan to try this at home make sure you have the adequate tools and yet searched the internet to find proper instructions depending on the make of your vehicle. Once you have found instructions for your vehicle on headlight replacement go ahead and print them out. You’re going to want to have the instructions close by so if you have any questions or for you to print out sheets and continue on with the project.Headlight replacement begins by removing the headlight from the car. You will have to open up the hood of the car and look at the headlights. There will be a switch to unlock the headlight and you will just simply pull the headlight out of the car. After the old headlight is removed, go ahead and put the new headlight in.Once the new headlight is in place you can now turn the switch to the lock position so the headlight will be totally secure and safe to use. The next step is to do the same thing to the opposite headlight making sure you unlock and lock the switch correctly. If you do not lock switch correctly after the new headlight is installed you will run the risk of having a headlight fallout and dangle in front of the hood while you’re driving down the road. This can be extremely embarrassing and dangerous to your car.Before you take your car out and drive it make sure the headlights work. It is recommended that you test them by turning the headlights on and off and making sure the high beams work. If the headlights do not turn on or off then you know the installation has not gone correctly and you will have go through the entire process again

Will auto zone replace Honda headlight?

If it is an easy replacement they will. If it is not easy they will pass on it.

How do you change a headlight in a 1999 trans am?

with your headlights on (headlight doors up) remove the three screws that hold in the black plastic cover over the headlights, remove the torx screws (the 2 top outer ones) that keep the metal brace over the headlight, pull the headlight out of the connector and replace.

How do you replace the headlight switch on a 1970 Chevelle Malibu?

any pictures of headlight switch replacement of 1970 chevelle ss

How do you replace the headlight bulb on an ml350?

Read the manual instruction from there, you will be able replace your headlights... Remove the back cover counterclock wise, then counterclockwise on the main headlight support..... Voila.. easy as 123

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1994 Acura Legend?

replacing headlights on a acura legend 1995

How do you replace headlights on 1999 buick lesabre?

Remove the entire headlight assembly to gain access to the bulbs.

How do you fix the instruments lights that are not working when you turn the headlights on?

Check the fuses. If they are good then you will have to replace the headlight switch.

How do you replace 1995-1998 Windstar headlights?

Remove the headlight wiring harness. Remove the headlight retaining bolts. Each headlight has four retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new headlight.

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1998 Chevy Blazer?

There are two clips on the wall that holds the headlights. Push the clips away and pull the headlight housing out.

How do you change headlights on 2007 Mustang?

Headlight Bulb Replacement * If your going to replace the left hand light bulb remove the air filter housing * Disconnect the electrical connector unless replacing the headlight housing * Rotate the bulb holder counterclockwise and pull it out the bulb and holder assembly Headlight Housing Replacement * Remove the front bumper cover * Remove the upper headlight housing mounting bolt and pushpin * Remove the lower headlight housing mounting bolts * Pull out the headlight housing assembly and disconnect the electrical connector

Why do your headlight bulbs keep blowing out on your 1999 Hyundai Sonata GLS V6?

you need to replace the fuse for the headlights.

How do you adjust the headlights on a 1986 fiero to go up and down at the same time?

Replace the slow headlight motor.

What would cause the headlights radio and dome lights to quit when headlights are turned on in a 1996 crown vic?

I would replace the headlight switch as Ford has had their share of these problems.