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You are supposed to strip the wire.

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Will a 2006 Saturn Vue Radio fit in a 2004 Saturn Vue without any dashboard modification?

I don't know, I also have a 2004 Saturn Vue and want to put a 2006 or newer radio in it, just for the aux imput for my mp3 player.

What is the code to unlock the CD player on a Saturn SC1?

how do i get the code to unlock stock cd player on 1996 saturn

Can you hook a Playstation 2 to a DVD player?

no you actullay play dvd's on your play station 2 without hooking it up

What rule is the player breaking if they run with the ball in netball?

The player is breaking the rule of no running with the ball in you r hands

How do you work the Belkin TuneCast Universal?

Find a frequency on your FM radio without a station on it. Match the station using the buttons on the Belkin TuneCast. You should hear your MP3 player playing on your radio.

How do you reset the anti theft code on a 98 Saturn CD player?

take it to a Saturn dealer they will do it for free

Who is a record breaking player?


In Runescape Can a player mod actually refer a player to become a player mod?

no they cannot.. the only way to become a mod i to play the game without breaking rules and if u have more than .5 blackmarks them stop dreaming about being a mod...

In breaking dawn what did edward give renesmee for Christmas?

An mp3 player.

How do you get music on a MP3 player without LimeWire?

How do you get music on a MP3 player without limewire?

How do you hook up an external mp3 player to a 2006 Saturn Ion 2 with the basic stereo system?

purchase an FM mudulator. it wires to your antenna to give an input signal through an FM station(88.7 for example). i bought one at a car stereo shop.

How to play two player play station 2?

You need a 2 player game and 2 controllers

A player jumps to catch the ball and lands on two feet simultaneously give two of the footwork options available to the player to avoid breaking the footwork law?

The player can:Jump again in an attempt to scorePick one foot to be the pivot foot and move without moving the pivot foot until the player feels the need to dribble or pass

Who is the best baseball player without steroids?

The best player without steriods I think is Albert Pujols.

Do all Saturn CD players fit a 2003 Saturn Ion as plug and play In other words I want to remove face plate take out factory radio and replace with a Saturn factory CD player?

It would but saturn ion cd players are huge and suck you'd be better off buying a new head unit all together ......., Saturn owner 420

What are the hazards of being a soccer player?

There are many potential hazards of being a soccer player. You run the risk of breaking a leg for example.

How do you set the clock on a 2001 Saturn SL1?

Turn radio off. Press in the radio power on button while pressing station up button to change minutes, the down station button to change hours. Wow, you have a stock radio/ cd player ? On my 2000 S-series you have the radio "ON" , hold the "RCL" button in while adjusting the time with the "plus or minus" which is also the tune rocker button.

How do you play movie star planet without Adobe Flash player?

how do i play moviestarplanet without flash player

What are some station cash codes for Free Realms?

There is no way to get free Station Cash (except to cut a deal with a player), so just pay the $10 for it!

Can an mp4 fit into an iPod docking station?

MP4 is not a media player it is a codec. So you need to specify the make and model of the media player if you want help in this matter. Also weather a MP4 player will fit into the iPod docking station depends on weather it has the data port similar to iPod.

How do you send an MP3 to FM without a transmitter and MP3 player?

i won't send an mp3 to fm without a transmitter and mp3 player.

Can you play club penguin without adobe flash player?

no you can't play club penguin without adobe flash player

Where do you get unity web player without getting a virus?

If you want to get unity web player without a virus, you will have to download it from the main website.

How do you install a JVC CD player into a 1995 Saturn SC2?

Buy a trim kit and harness adapter from

What is wrong if the CD player on a 2007 Saturn ion won't eject the CD?

well oveously it is friken broken