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He is listening and adjusts the PITCH of the string

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Is it bad if you adjust the saddle on your guitar without loosening the string first?

Yes, always loosen the strings on your guitar before you adjust anything directly related to the strings, or touching the strings.

My guitar is making vibrations with the neck and sounds horrible because the strings are too loose on drop tunings?

If the strings are hitting the frets and making noise that means that either your action is too low on the instrument or the tension of the strings might be too low. The easiest thing to do would be to try another set of strings with the higher tension. If that does not help, you have to take your guitar to a repair shop and they can adjust the action (easier done for electric than for classical guitars).

How do you adjust electric guitar pickups?

The screws around them adjust the height of them on most guitars. The closer to the strings, the more the pickup resonates the strings vibration. The further away from the strings, the less the pickup can resonates the strings vibration. If you have one pickup sounding louder than the other, move a pickup closer or further away from the strings to produce a better volume balance of the pickups.

How do you adjust the ford puma handbrake?

Remove the plastic cover from the puma handbrake. There is an adjustment nut under the cover that tightens up the brake.

What instrument family does the harp belong to?

The harp is a unique member of the stringed instrument family. Like other members of the string family, the harp's sound is produced by vibrating strings stretched between parts of a wooden frame or box. On a harp, the strings' vibrations are produced by being plucked by hand, while seven pedals at the bottom of the harp adjust the length of the strings to produce more notes.

How do you adjust belt tension on a 99 Malibu V6?

you dont,the tensioner tightens the belt up.if belt sqeals get new belt or tensioner! on 3.1v6,

How do you adjust Gas pressure valve?

call a service technician with meter and live to tell about it......................

How do you adjust the headlights of a 2004 Saab 9.3?

don't ! take your vehicle to a certified technician.

Can you Adjust the idler pully 1991 Chevy silverado?

No you can not. If belt is loose, are won't fit then you have the wrong belt. The belt tensioner is spring loaded and that is what tightens the belt.

How do you lower an electric guitar strings?

It depends what bridge you have. But usually there will be some small Allen wrench screws that you will adjust to raise and lower the strings. But before you do this make sure you have de-tuned your guitar so the strings are loose to avoid them snapping under increased tension.

Can anyone explain how you adjust the date for the IWATSU adix 1X-12ktd exa telephone?

You can adjust the time from the phone, but not the date. The date can only be changed with programming access from a certified technician.

How do you play a bar chord on the guitar if your index finger can't hold all the strings down enough?

You don't. If your first finger is not strong enough to hold down the strings then you either need to strengthen your fingers, or you need to get lighter strings on your guitar, or you need to adjust the neck of your guitar.

Why do my guitar strings still sound bad even after breaking in?

It depends on the type of strings you are using, the quality of the guitar and the gauge of the strings. If the strings are, say Ernie Ball, then there's no reason why unless one of the other answers apply. However, if they were cheap brands like Martin strings then the chances are that they weren't made to a good standard and will never sound right. My solution to this would be to buy some better strings such as Ernie Ball or Rotosound. If the guitar's quality isn't great then it may be that the neck has warped or bent which means the strings will be touching the fretboard (that would also mean a buzzing noise and high action further down the fretboard) it will make a sort of banana shape if this is the case, to check look down the neck from the headstock, and then adjust the truss rod carefully. If the strings are a heavier gauge than what you usually use, then it will have bent the neck, so adjust it accordingly, but if they are lighter than before then you'll have to adjust it the other way. Be careful if you're inexperienced at it, or you might snap/crack the neck.

What should be done when guitar strings rest on the pickup?

raise the action (string elevation) lower the pickups springs or.. adjust the neck

How do you adjust the drive belt on a cub cadet lx1040?

The drive belt on a Cub Cadet LX1040 is adjusted by turning a small bolt on the side of the cutting deck. It loosens or tightens the belt depending on the direction it is turned.

How do you tune those guitars with no tuning pegs like zz top has?

They have tuning screws,but they aren't easy to see.You have to be able to adjust your strings.

What does one have to adjust to tune a guitar?

When adjusting the tune of the strings on a guitar, one will need to mainly focus on achieving the correct pitch by adjusting the knobs on the headstock for each string. The pitch of every string will be in tune with the frequency of an A440 fork of tuning. Only the A string will be in tune with the frequency of a tuning fork at concert / 440 pitch. All other strings are tuned relative to the A string. Turn the tuning keys to adjust the string. tightening the string will adjust the note higher loosening the string will make the note lower.

How do you change the three drive belts on a 2003 Kia Sorento EX?

There are three tensioner pulleys that are on each set of belts. You have to loosen the nut on the pully first then adjust the bolt that the pulley rides on. One way tightens the belt and the other loosens the belt.

Can you turn a guitar into a bass guitar?

no. first of all a bass guitar has 4 strings and a guitar has 6 strings second, u couldn't tune the guitar open notes a whole octave down to create the bass notes as the strings would be too loose. although you can play bass songs on a guitar but it wouldn't be as deep a bass. Actually you can. depending on the kind of way your guitar is built you can remove your guitar strings and replace them with bass strings and finally adjust the setting on your amp so you can have a rich full tone. I have a Fender Squier and made it into a bass by replacing the strings and adjusting the settings on my amp. WARNING: you NEED to know if your bridge or the place where you put the bass strings through can hold the pressure the bass string apply.

How do you adjust guitar strings?

well.... a 3 part answer tuning, to adjust the strings is the first place to start, righty tighty rules of course, unless the guitar was strung and the tuners where going the opposite way... in that case its lefty tighty haha... but yeah grab your trusty guitar tuner and get them to where you want... thats step one and may answer your question. the more advanced adjustments and answers. action (string height) you can on the bridge of the guitar first , this is like an elevator lowering or making the strings higher for comfort, once its where you like it around the first 6 or so frets than you may or may not have to adjust the neck. to adjust the neck we adjust we have to remove the plate on the head of the guitar is the usual place. I've owned a lot of electrics and its always been the head.... tightening it makes the strings go closer to the 24th fret, loosening it is the opposite effect. A dead straight neck will make the guitar play amazing and to experienced players we hear//feel the difference because once its perfectly even on the 1st and 21/22/24th depending on guitar you've got you will feel a difference and be able to play faster.

Can nylon strings and plain steel strings be used in an acoustic guitar?

You need to match the string type to the design of the guitar. You also need to consider if the added tension of steel strings can be supported by the guitar. Given all that, you can use different string types, but sometimes you need to adjust intonation by altering the neck tension and bridge position. The bottom line, assuming the guitar can handle it, is how pleased you are with the sound and touch.

How do you adjust the brakes on a 2002 Yamaha ttr 125 they are the drum brakes?

Only the rear brakes are drum brakes. The front brakes are disc brakes. To answer your question, twist the end wing nut by your drum brake. It tightens and adjusts how much you have to press on your rear brake lever.

How is does a harp work?

A harp is basically a frame with many strings attached from top to bottom. The strings are arranged like the keys on the keyboard - CDEFGABC. When a player plays the harp, all he/she needs to do is pluck strings, as each string produces a different note. If sharps or flats are needed, then the harp either has levers (which sharpen each note by a semiquaver, giving you a sharp note) or pedals (which you adjust with your feet to flatten or sharpen each note). Yup, that's about it!

Is the Babolat RPM Blast a good string and if so which gauge is better?

The Babolat RPM Blast is a very good string, but it loses a lot of tension after a couple weeks of play (requiring the player to adjust to the strings). However, it is not for everyone. As for the gauge, it all depends on what you want. If you want more spin and feel, then choose the 16 gauge strings. If you are prone to breaking racquet strings and want less bite on the ball, then you should choose the 17 gauge.

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