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Anything stored in cold temperatures actually shouldn't loose any effectiveness. Liquids become solids and solid become harder, sealing in the chemical content. Ask a pharmacist.

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What causes birth control pills to lose effectiveness?

Anti-Biotics can decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills.

Do x rays lower birth control pill effectiveness?

X-rays do not lower the effectiveness of the birth control pill.

Can mixing birth controls reduce the effectiveness?

No, using two methods of birth control increases effectiveness or leaves effectiveness unchanged.

How does freezing food help prevent spoilage?

Because food spoilage is mainly caused by microorganisms and low temperatures can slow down or kill most microorganisms, freezing the food will keep them from growing out of control and thus keep the food healthy.

How do plants control internal conditions?

All plants have complex chemicals in their sap that helps regulate heat, cold, moisture and even some chemicals that help resist insect attacks. Evergreen trees and bushes even have a form of anti-freeze that keeps them from freezing in extremely cold temperatures.

Does Ephedra or Mahuang decrease the effectiveness of the birth control pill?

I have also wondered this question and with the research that I have done, it says that neither affects the effectiveness of birth control pills

Does indoor tanning affect birth control pill effectiveness?


Can stress and fatigue affect the effectiveness of the birth control pill?


How do some animals control their body temperatures?

Some animals have bodies that can control their own body temperatures. Some animals have to find shade or water to control their body temperature.

Will drinking green tea affect the effectiveness of the birth control pill?


How control improve overall efficiency and effectiveness?

one of the functions of the A/S is to provide adequate controls to ensure the safety of organizational assets,including data discuss how well the control can improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Can weight effect birth control?

Yes it may. I have recently read that obesity can affect the effectiveness of birth control.

Can Fluoxetine reduce the effectiveness of birth control?

There are no known drug interactions between fluoxetine (Prozac) and birth control.

When taking different kinds of birth control can they cancel each other out?

There is no combination of birth control that cancels its effectiveness.

Why want to go to control system?

a system which we want to control some particular action to improve the effectiveness of the system

Does Tylenol affect birth control?

Answer Tylenol and other pain relievers do not effect birth control. Antibiotics is what will decrease the effectiveness of birth control.

You are taking metronidazole vaginaly and you use the Nuva Ring How effective is your birth control?

Check with your doctor as to the effectiveness of your birth control when used in conjunction with other medications. Reduced effectiveness may be seen in some cases.

What are two infection control techniques and their effectiveness and limitations?

cleaning and rinsing can create a safer environment by removing organisms from items

What was the third objective identified by COSO's Internal Control?

Effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

Does taking St John's Wart change the effectiveness of the birth control pill?

I have heard that St. John's Wart can decrease the effectiveness of birth control as well as certain antibiotics, seizure medications, etc. on Planned Parenthood and other medical websites. If you really want to make sure you can take it without lowering the effectiveness of your birth control, I would suggest talking to your doctor. :)

Does the birth control pill affect Depo-Provera?

Birth control pills do not decrease the effectiveness of Depo Provera.

Does azithromycin reduce the effectiveness of birth control?

I asked my doctor (because I'm taking both) and am currently on Azurette and she told me it should not interact or reduce the effectiveness.

How does it affect the effectiveness of birth control if you take more than one pill in a day?

Taking more than the prescribed amount of birth control pills doesn't increase effectiveness, but does increase cost and the risk of side effects.

What temperatures does a fungi grow in?

they can't control their temperature

What is the definition of organizational effectiveness?

The ability to create value through control, innovation and efficiency.