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To what genus do earthworms belong?

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What phylum do earthworms belong to?

Earthworms belong to the Phylum Annelida and particularly the genus Lumbricus. The Phylum is characterised by body segmentation and a body cavity called acoelom. It includes marine worms, leaches and earthworms.The Earthworm belongs to the Phylum, AnnelidaEarthworms belong to the Annelida phylum.

What genus do mushroom belong?

They belong to the genus Agaricus.

What genus do dogs belong to?

Dogs belong to the Genus Canis.

What genus do cats belong to?

Cats belong to Genus Felis.

What genus do sea monkeys belong to?

they belong to the genus of artemia

What genus do salmon belong to?

Salmon belong to asdfghjkjhgfdfgh In genus.

What genus do Venus Flytraps belong to?

They belong to the Dionaea Genus.

What genus does a sheep belong to?

Sheep belong to the genus Ovis.

What genus do goats belong?

They belong to the genus 'Capra'

What plant genus does snapdragon belong to?

Snapdragons belong to the genus Antirrhinum.

What genus do dogs belong in?

All dogs belong to the genus Canis.

What genus does a kangaroo belong in?

All kangaroos belong to the genus Macropus.

Are earthworms animals or insects?

Earthworms belong are Annelids which belong to the Kingdom Animalia so technically they are animals. Insects are also animals (Animalia). But no, earthworms are not insects.

What genus does baby pygmy marmosets belong to?

Marmosets belong to the Cebuella genus.

What genus do caterpillars belong to?

Caterpillars do not belong to one set genus. The genus that a caterpillar belongs to is determined on their species.

To which genus does the dog belong?

Genus: Canis

What is the genus for housefly?

They belong to the Genus 'Musca'.

What is the genus of the poodle?

They belong to the Canis genus.

What animals belong to the genus Aptenodytes?

Both the King penguin and the Emperor penguin belong to that genus.

What is the genus of an alligator?

Alligators belong to the genus Alligator.

What genus do spiders belong to?

Spiders are in the Lycosa Genus.

What genus do horses belong to?

it belongs to the genus Equus.

What is the genus of rat?

Rats belong to the genus Rattus.

What genus are the raccoons?

Raccoons belong to the genus Procyon.

Which genus protozoans belong to?

Protozoa is subkingdom , not a genus .

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