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Woodrow Wilson.

In the process, TR became the only third-party presidential candidate to finish in second place to date.

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Q: To whom did Theodore Roosevelt lose his re-election?
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Was Bill Clinton the first US democratic president to win reelection since whom?

Franklin Roosevelt

Whom caused us to have day light savings time?

Theodore Roosevelt

Whom did Alice Roosevelt the daughter of Theodore Roosevelt marry?

She married Nicholas Longworth, a US Congressman from Ohio, who eventually became Speaker of the House.

Whom do Eleanor Roosevelt marry on March 17 1905?

Fanklin Roosevelt

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Whom did Roosevelt appoint to head the Federal Emergency Releif Administration?

Harry Hopkins

Were FDR's kids boys or girls?

in 1905, FDR married a distant cousin, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, who was the niece of President Theodore Roosevelt. The couple had six children, five of whom survived infancy: Anna (1906), James (1907), Elliott (1910), Franklin, Jr. (1914) and John (1916). (and a previous Franklin Jr. who died at birth.

Whom did James K. Polk run against for president?

Henry Clay and his veep candidate Theodore Frelinghuysen.

What were Roosevelt idea?

He had a lot of great ideas, many of whom were made during his presidency. That is all.

Who was Franklin D Roosevelt's opponent in 1936?

Republican Alf Landon, whom he soundly defeated.

Who were Franklin D. Roosevelt's advisers?

Presidents often have numerous individuals with whom they consult. In President Roosevelt's case, his closest adviser was Harry Lloyd Hopkins.

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With whom as his Presidential running mate did Franklin Delano Roosevelt run for Vice-President?

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What was the group of advisers whom Roosevelt assembled to help him devise his New Deal policies?

Brain Trust

Which presidents are most admired according to polls?

Polls vary according to when they are taken and whom is polled. Recent Presidents usually get more positive votes than they deserve compared to those farther in the past. Those who usually are admired are Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Frankin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, Wilson ,Truman, Eisenhower and others sometimes appear in lists of admiration.

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Are Eleanor Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt distant cousins?

Yes. "Most prominent of all was Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR's distant cousin whom he had married in 1905." - Eric Foner in his Give Me Liberty text book. To be precise they are sixth cousins.

Are Mark Twain and Theodore Roosevelt enemies?

Both Twain & Roosevelt felt that slavery was wrong. In Roosevelts last months of his life, Twain would visit him and help him write his memoirs whose sales were able to sustain Roosevelts family after his death. They had a mutual respect for each other and called each other friends. The above answer couldn't be more wrong. Twain died BEFORE Roosevelt and they were enemies when it came to imperialism. In addition, Roosevelt was independently wealthy and died as such. It was Ulysses S. Grant whom Twain helped by editing and getting his memoirs published in order to sustain Grant's family.

Whom was the president of the US during world war ll?

President Franklin Roosevelt was in charge during World War 2

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What was the label given to the group of African American advisors whom Franklin D. Roosevelt had appointed to high ranking government positions?

black cabinet