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Top 10 soccer clubs with the most fans?

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Manchester United( England)

Chelsea( England)

Liverpool( England)

Real Madrid (Spain)

Barcelona( Spain)

Bayern Munich( Germany)

Valencia( Spain)

Arsenal( England)

FC Porto (Portugal)

Virralell(probably spelled wrong) (Spain)

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What world city has the most top level soccer clubs?

Istanbul in Turkey with 23 teams.

Top 50 best soccer clubs in the world?

the best soccer team is Barcelona

What are the names of the top soccer clubs that are based in Soweto Johannesburg?

Orlando Pirates, and Kaizer Chiefs

How much vacation time does a soccer coach get?

The coaches of the top European Clubs barely get a vacation as they are constantly managing their clubs. They do get a "break" in the months of June and July but even then they are working.

Who are some of the top youth soccer travel teams in North Carolina?

Winston Salem's Twin City soccer club is one of the better clubs in North Carolina.

Top hundred sports in the world?

soccer is the most international, but unfortunately I do not have a link to the top 100. But I believe soccer is the 1st

What sports that is biggest in that society?

FootballWith over 3.5 billion fans worldwide, football ("soccer") is the most popular sport on the planet. It always ranks at the top of the majority of the credible lists published.Usually, popularity is measured based on the "number of viewers/fans". According to a website called, here are the top 3:Football (which is equivalent to American soccer) is the most popular overallTennis is the most popular "individual" sport (no team required)Golf is the most popular "solo" sport (can be played alone).

Is soccer the top french sport?

Yes, soccer is the most popular sport in France.

What has the author Andrew McArthur written?

Andrew McArthur has written: 'Housing Associations and Neighbourhood Regeneration' 'Over the top with the Tartan Army' -- subject(s): Soccer, Soccer fans

Top ten most powerful football clubs?

Top ten most powerful clubs are Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United, A.C.Mi;an Inter Milan, Juventus, Arsenal ,Liverpool and Lyon.

Who are some of the top youth soccer travel teams in North Dakota?

Fargo soccer clubs U11 Warriors are the best they are best of the best. They have amazing players. And the best team spirit ever.

What's one of the top rated fitness clubs in St. Louis, Missouri?

St Louis Fitness Club is one of the top-rated, most popular fitness clubs in St. Louis, Missouri.

What are the most popular sports in the world based on number of fans?

According to a 2010 survey the most popular sports in the world by fan count are:#1--Football (soccer), approximately 3.5 billion fans.#2--Cricket, approximately 2.5 billion fans.#3--Field hockey, approximately 2 billion fans.#4--Tennis, approximately 1 billion fans.The other six completing the top ten are:volleyball, table tennis, baseball, golf, American football and basketball.

What are the top 3 most watched sports in America for girls?

the top 3 is soccer volleyball and swimming

What needs to be done to make soccer poplar in the us?

Bring the world cup to the country. Get fans to come out and see what the sport is like at the top level.

Which top 6 football clubs have won the most European cups?

The top six clubs to win the europen cups are Real Madrid, Liverpool, A.c milan, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Juventus.

Most top tiring sport in the world?

I'v herd lots of roomers about the top most tiring sports. But with what I herd the top 2 most tiring sports are Soccer and Motocross.

Which are the top 10 richest soccer clubs in Africa?

Kaiser chiefs, Orlando Pirates, Thanda Royal Zulu, Mamelodi Sundowns, Platinum Stars, Supersport United

What is the top 10 most watched sports in the US?

the top 10 most watched sports are football,soccer,basketball,hockey,and baseball

What are the top ten most popular spectator sports in the world?

According to a 2010 survey the Top Ten Spectator(keyword) sports in the world by fan count are:#1--Football (soccer), approximately 3.5 billion fans.#2--Cricket, approximately 2.5 billion fans.#3--Tennis, approximately 2.2 billion fans.#4--Basketball, approximately 2 billion fans.#5--Motor Racing.#6--Horse Racing.#7--Baseball.#8--Track and Field.#9--Golf.#10--Boxing.

What are the ten most popular sports in Mexico?

I don't know what the top 10 are but i would say soccer is the top.

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Top ten soccer clubs?

real Madrid, arsenal, Manchester united, galatasaray, Barcelona, sao paolo, wellington Pheonix, grove dallington, chealsey, ac milan

20 top soccer players in 2006?

20 top soccer players in 2006

Which Top 5 actors in India with most number of fans?

Pawan kalyan is number one...........