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Top 5 soccer players of all times?


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maradona pele cryuff zidane beckenbaur


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There are thousands of soccer players.

All soccer players? No. Some? Yes. Soccer is played by people from all walks of life.

They're called the best all around players in soccer.

Football players are undoubtedly tougher than soccer players. Football players tackle each other every game, slam into each other, pile on top of each other, and is the sport most prone to injuries and concussions. Soccer players are tough for running endurance, but football players run hundreds of yards a game, just not as much as a soccer player. In all, football players are tougher than soccer players. Soccer is tougher because you don't wear protection from head to toe like in football. Where in soccer you tackle,kick,shoot and all that stuff without protection.

Soccer, at least 8 players have to play all 90+ minutes without subs.

lots all the Brazil players :)

There are 11 soccer players on the field at all times in soccer plus the subs in the bench. There is one goalie and there is forwards mid-fielders and defense. They play in certain formations. A common formation in soccer is a 4-4-2 or the double diamond. This means there are 4 defenders, 4 mid-fielders, and 2 forwards. That is 10 players. Count the goalie and that is 11.

Originally all soccer players were amateur, but clubs wanted the better players, so they started paying.

the soccer players because Brazil is all about soccer!

It is a stereotype that all soccer players are spanish.

All teams that are soccer or football franchises have 11 players.

There are probably millions of Muslim soccer players. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world (by population), and is played in most (if not all) Islamic nations.

There are 11 players on the field from both teams. So all together there is 22 players.

yes, Pele is one of the greatest soccer (football) players of all time

Two amzing soccer players of all time are Wayne Rooney and cristiono rinaldo. Dont forget david beckham

Adidas F50 is a recommended shoes according to the reviews I just read online by most soccer players. Adidas F50 shoes is specifically designed for soccer players and it will last for all season.

Rudy Hartono 8 Times All England Champion ( The most prestigious at that time) 7 times in a row as well

I'm sorry, but there is too long of a list to name all of the soccer players that were born in October. Maybe specify a team or league?

soccer because all the countries and then city players

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