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Top speed for a Honda Civic 1997?


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A Honda Civic EX (V-tech, 127hp) 123mph

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The top speed for a 2001 Honda civic 5 speed is 115 mph.

Top speed 1.4 Sedan 177 Km/hr.

Th speed sensor on any 2006 to 2011 honda civic 1/8l is located at the top back of the transmission.

i have a 92 Honda civic si... it goes like 102... fully stock..

the top speed is around 800 mph

With the governor on it you can hit 123mph

The max. speed of honda civic(reborn) is 260 and its top speed till yet is 248km/h in 27 sec. ......with low(slow) peddling..

I have had my 95 ex civic to 140 easy at 5600 rpm

Mounted on top and inside the fuel tank.

Mounted on top and inside the fuel tank.

The exact location of the speed sensor on a 1997 Honda Accord is on the very top of the transmission. There is a plug in, electronic speed sensor in this location.

what is the top speed for a HONDA ST1100

speed sensor is located on top of transmission,black plastic with one ten mm bolt.

125 mph on the lx i have hit 134 in my 08 ex-l

The top speed for a Honda Civic del sol is 125 miles per hour. These cars were in production from 1992 to 1998. They have either a 4 speed or 5 speed transmission.

flat out, 145mph at the very most (refering to 1.8 vti b18c4)

The top speed is 128mph (2006 EX sedan). The speedometer would probably read 130. I drove it at 202 Kmp/h

Top speed for this car is 120 mph before the engine forces you to slow back down, so you will only hit 120 for a second

I think it's on top of the transmission, near the battery but I'm not sure

"90"That's not true... I don't know the top speed or what Honda claims it is, but in my Civic Hybrid I have hit 105, and it was very comfortable at that speed, albeit it wasn't for that long, but it felt like it had room to go even faster. The car has 110 horsepower without the electric motor's about 60, so it's no wimp of a car.

the top speed is about 200mph

I was running a d15b engine in a 1989 Honda civic with an automatic transmission. It was completely bone stock and I would top of at 125~ mph.

The speed sensor on a 1994 Honda Civic is located on top the of the transmission. To replace it unplug the sensor from the wire harness then the remove mounting bolts and assembly from the transmission.

The Honda CR 125 has a listed top speed of 45 miles per hour. The Honda fuel pump can be modified to increase the top speed.

Was messured at 127 mph (drag limited) by car & driver magazine 1999. Ive had mine up to around that speed.

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