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Top speed of a escort zx2?


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September 16, 2008 11:17PM

well since you asked i myself also became curious so i took out my 1999 zx2 completely stock and hit the nicest straight-away i could find and i hit 100 mph on the dot.... no higher than that, no lower.... exactly 100 mph I modified my 98 put the chip in, revamped cold air intake and body kit also lowered suspension and got slick racing tires took it on the track. Actually got it up to 127mph. At about 100mph I could feel the downforce kick in and the car squated down about two inches. the reason the car could only reach 100 mph pre-mod was most likely the Governor was not disconnected. it limits the car to not exceed either 100 or 110 mph, depending on the version. the installation of a new chip probably bypassed or disabled the speed limiter, allowing you to reach marginally higher speeds than 100 mph. 127- not bad, not bad at all.