Toyota rav 4 gas tank size?

I have a 2008 Rav4; filling the tank from empty (gas light on) to full is 12.5 gal. The total volume is about 14 gal.

We have a 2010 RAV4; filing the tank from empty (gas gauge needle on E and gas light on) to full is 12.5 gals. The specifications in the Toyota owners manual says the tank holds 15.9 gals. We are frustrated by having to gas up so very often. At a quarter full on the fuel gauge we can only put 8 or 9 gals. in at each fill up. Our old Ford held 19 gals. and the gauge was accurate so when we gassed up we could put in twice this much gas (15 to 17 gals) allowing gas stops half as often. Don't mean to complain, we love this car but wish it could take on more fuel to have fewer fuel stops.