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Trace the route of air from the nares to an alveolus?

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During breathing air enters the nose by passing through the external nares( nostrils)=> pharynx=>larynx=> trachea=> The trachea (windpipe) divides into two main bronchi (also mainstem bronchi), the left main bronchus and right main bronchus. The right main bronchus subdivides into three lobar bronchi while the left main bronchus divides into two. The lobar bronchi divide into => tertiary bronchi, also known as segmental bronchi, each of which supplies a => bronchopulmonary segment. A bronchopulmonary segment is a division of a lung that is separated from the rest of the lung by a connective tissue septum.. There are ten segments per lung, but due to anatomic development, several segmental bronchi in the left lung fuse, giving rise to eight. The segmental bronchi divide into many => primary bronchioles which divide into =>terminal bronchioles, each of which then gives rise to several => respiratory bronchioles, which go on to divide into 2 to 11 => alveolar ducts. There are 5 or 6 =>alveolar sacs associated with each alveolar duct. The alveolus is the basic anatomical unit of gas exchange in the lung.

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Trace the passage of air from the external nares to the lungs of the frog?

Air passes through the nostrils (external nares) trhough the internal nares and the mouth. Then it goes through the glottis, trachea, bronchus and lungs.

Trace the flow of air from nares to alveoli?

External nares, internal nares, nasopharynx, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchus, primary bronchiole, secondary bronchiole, tertiarty bronchiole, alveolar duct, alveoli.

Trace the air flow of respiratory system starting with the external nares?

1. External Nares 2. Vestibule 3. Internal Nares 4. Nasopharynx 5. Oropharynx 6. Laryngopharynx 7. Larynx 8. Trachea 9. Primary Bronchus 10.Secondary Bronchus 11.Tertiary Bronchus 12.Bronchioles 13.Terminal Bronchiole 14.Respiratory Bronchiole 15.Alveolar Duct 16.Alveolar Sac 17.Alveolus

Which structure passes air directly into an alveolus?

Bronchioles passes air to the alveolus

How do oxygen from air travel from the alveolus to the plasma membrane?

Carbon Dioxide passes throught the air inside the alveolus into the bloodCarbon Dioxide passes throught the air inside the alveolus into the blood

What are the paired nares of a fetal pig?

The paired nares are another term for the nasal openings on a pig. These nares take in air to the sinuses.

What is the function of internal nares?

Internal nares allow for the passage of air from the nose to the pharynx.

What is an alveolus?

An alveolus is a small cavity or pit, such as in an anatomical structure, or an air sac in the lungs.

What do the internal nares do?

The internal nostril openings (nares) carry air from the nostrils to the mouth, so that a frog can breathe air when on the surface, by expanding its mouth to pull in and "swallow" air. Underwater, the internal nares close to keep water out.

What is the plural of alveolus?

One alveolus is a singular, tiny air sac of the lung, surrounded by a network of capillaries, and through which oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged. A cluster of such air sacs are alveoli (plural of alveolus).

What goes in and out of the external nares?

Mostly air .

Where is the alveolus found?

The Alveoli (plural of Alveolus) are found in "lungs". Commonly they are also called "air sacs"

What fills the space inside an alveolus?


What is smallest of the air sacs in the lungs?


What passes from the air inside the alveolus into the blood?


What passes from the air inside the alveolus into the blood.?


What is the real name for air sacs?

Pulmonary alveolus .

What is another word for air sac?

another word for air sac is alveolus.

Why is the distance between the air in an alveolus and the blood in an alveolar capillary is less than 11000th of a millimetre?

Around the lungs,the blood is separated from the air inside each alveolus by only two cell layers; the cells making up the wall of the alveolus and the capillary wall itself. This is a distance of less than a thousandth of a millimetre. Because the air in the alveolus has a higer concentration of oxygen than the blood entering the capillary network, oxygen diffuses from the air across the wall of the alveolus and into the blood. That is why the distance is important.

What is external nares?

Nares are the openings of the nasal cavity, commonly called nostrils. We have two sets of openings called anterior and posterior nares that move air through the nasal cavity into the pharynx and lungs.

What are the air sacks in the lungs called?

Alveolus or Alveoli (plural)

What is the tiny air sack found within the lungs?


What is the main part of the respiratory system that cleans the air you breath?

the main part of respiratory system that clean the air we breath is alveolus . in alveolus occur the gas exchange

What are the millions of air sacs in the lungs called?

Pulmonary alveolusAn alveolus (plural: alveoli, from Latin alveolus, "little cavity") is an anatomical structure that has the form of a hollow cavity.I LOVE BIOLOGYCya :-)xx

What is alveolitis?

Alevolitis is the medical term meaning inflammation of an alveolus. The alveolus could be one that holds the tooth, or could be the air sac in the lung.