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It was born on 06 August 1945, and escalated from there. There NEVER was a nuclear war. It matured with newer, faster, deadlier, bigger nuclear weapons that were NEVER used.

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What did the opening of the Berlin Wall signify?

The wall opening signified the closing stages of the cold war.

What are the Three stages of the development of the cold war?

There may not be any stages at all. Cold War means=Military Stand-off. A military stand-off means two militarys that are not fighting each other...but are waiting for an excuse to commence battle with each other; just as soon as someone gives the word! The term Cold War never existed until the end of WW2. Which is just perfect, because the reason for the cold war never existed until WW2 either! The reason the cold war existed is because of Atomic Weapons.

Why did they call the cold war as the cold war?

They call the cold war the cold because it was a war that wasn't violent but it was a war of war

How did the cold war affect the cold war front?

There was no "front" in the Cold War.

Why was the Vietnam War a cold war?

Some called this war "The Hot Battle of the Cold War". It was during the cold war era but not at all cold.

What do you call Cold War today?

The Cold War is still called the Cold War.

Was the cold war a war?

Doesnt have " war " the end cold WAR

Why was the cold war quiet?

Because it was a cold war (no war).

What was the basis of peace in the cold war?

Peace of the Cold War was from a settlement. The Cold War was a long and hard war.

Was the Korean war an example of the cold war?

Not an example of the cold war; an example of the cold war is NO WAR AT ALL! Cold War=military stand-off (no fighting). Korea was the first HOT battle of the cold war. (Hot=A real shootin war!).

Who shot the first nuke in the cold war?

During the final stages of World War II in 1945, the United States conducted two atomic bombings against Japan in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Korean War in cold war?

Hot battle of the cold war.

What war was first the cold war or the Korean war?

They came at the same time. The Korean War began the cold war, while the Cold War continued.

How did the cold war spark the Great War?

The cold war did not spark the great war

Did CBS Cancel Cold case?

nope! They canceled without a trace

How did the cold war begins?

How did the cold war begin

Are Polands in the Cold war?

polands are not in the cold war

Who was the president during the cold war I?

There was no Cold War I

How does a cold war differ from a hot war?

The Cold War was not "cold" per say, but was simply the name of a war that took place.

Can you get cold sores from kissing someone if they don't have a cold sore at the time?

Yes, there are certain stages when they are contagious.

What does cold war and war war 2 have in common?

World War Two was an origin of the Cold War.

Did churchill cause the cold war?

Churchill did not cause the cold war. Nuclear weapons caused the cold war.

Are there similarities between the cold war and the holy war?

Negative! The Cold War was NOT a war; the cold war involved NO killing nor destruction. The cold war was just a name...meaning "a military stand-off." A Holy War is a war with religion as basis for the war.

What are the Similarities of a hot war and a cold war?

Hot is war, Cold is not. Cold war is facing each other but not shooting. Hot war is shooting! Korea and Vietnam were "Hot" wars (hot battles of the cold war).

Did Cold War occur After Vietman War?

No the Cold War was the reason why the Vietnam War happened.

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