Translate the following phrase into English Ola Senorita como es stas?

Wow...its Hola senorita como estas. Hi girl/woman who is not married/ how are you? Reply with muy bien gracias. (Alright, thanks). 1 2

You got to be kidding me right? Senorita means little girl or young woman. Hello girl, how are you? BTW muy bien gracias mean really good , thanks 3

1: The phrase "Muy bien, gracias." directly translates to "Very good, thank you.", not "Alright, thanks."

2: You can reply with your current mood, obviously.

"Bien" = good,

"Muy bien" = very good,

"Mas o menos" ~= More or less (so-so in English)

"Malo" = bad.

3: Not everyone speaks Spanish. This is obviously a homework question for a Spanish I class. That could mean that they're new to Spanish. The attitude wasn't necessary.