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If a vehicle is still in warranty, the dealer is your best option. Once it's out of warranty go to an after market supplier. Look around and get some recommendations from people who have been there, shop price, especially for something like a transmission. If you travel much it might be good to buy from a national repair shop that will warranty the transmission anywhere in the country. Dealer will just replace the transmission with a factory replacement and it will be expensive, but it will be rebuilt by the factory. After market supplier has the option to repair only what is damaged, hopefully saving you quite a bit of money. Also, many of the national transmission shops have found ways to make their transmissions more reliable. Defects are often found by the national outfits and they are frequently able to improve on the design.

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Monet Cottman can mean that this is a name of a female. Claude Monet was a famous painter. Cottman is the name of a chain of transmission repair facilities. Other than that, there isn't much other meaning.

Transmission in 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT previously rebuilt by Cottman Transmission warranty expired and now only shifts into in reverse Help?

Take a look at ( search cottman complaints ).

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What kind of Lube oil is used for a manual transmission on a 1994 jeep wrangler?

cottman transmissions suggest 75w 90 in manual transmission and ATF in the transfer case

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What would cause a 1995 ford Windstar to jerk into gear when stopped or slowed down?

It's the Torque Converter. Some symptoms also include a surge when you place the Van into Drive. Usually when the Torque Converter goes, so does the transmission since it causes internal damage. You will need to decide if you want to have a shop fix the Torque converter, have it overhauled or get a new transmission. Check prices with your local Transmission shop and call Ford about a new transmission. A new Ford Transmission will cost you under $1900 and you will get a better warranty then you'll find at AAMCO and Cottman. Sometimes it will cost you in excess of $2500 for shops like AAMCO and Cottman to rebuild your transmission and even in my case, it wasn't done right the first time. To avoid Transmission problems on Ford Windstars, install a transmission cooler. It ties in on the lower return line entering the transmission on Driver's side. Very easy to install, and cost = $80. The transmission is poorly cooled, and will fail...

How much does transmission service cost for a 1994 Chrysler New Yorker?

I had a Chrysler transmission rebuild by Cottman for $400 but that was a few years ago. I would think that the price would have have gone up. I would say about 6 or 700 to rebuild one. Just service such as changing the fluid doesn't cost much.

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Need to replace or repair transmission - is it better to take the minivan back to the dealer or to go to a place like Cottman - what would the difference in cost and service be?

what is wrong with the tranny? Dealers are ALWAYS more expnsive. Shop around. Ask about price, and warranty they have on the service, and if an outside shop voids the warranty? Im assuming there is no warranty left if you arent taking it to the dealer for a free fix. Make sure to check you tranny fluid level with the engine running. warm and in park. Getting a cold off reading is highly inaccurate.

What is gross tons of a ship?

Not a simple queston to answer. In general practical terms, the gross or deadweight tonnage may be expressed as the all-up tonnage of a ship when loaded to the the legal limit of her load marks. It is NOT the weight of the ship. Nor is it the displacement. Peter Cottman.

95 Chevy van g20 it will not shift second?

Check the fluid level. If the fluid level is OK, put the van in reverse on a parking lot and drive it around in reverse. Then try it to see if it will shift into 2nd. If it does shift then, it may be just a clogged filter. If it still will not shift into 2nd you may have to take it over to Cottman and have them check it out.

1989 1500 Chevy transmission repair. I have a Chevy and I am having trouble with the transmission. When I drive it I am unable to get it up past about 45. I need to know if this is repairable.?

You have one of the better trannys Chevy ever made, 88-92 that's the toughest stock overdrive trans that will shift without A computer, It is DEFINITELY repairable If the housing is not broken (Not likely to be broke) The parts to rebuild cost about $375.00 NOT INCLUDING any HARD PARTS that may be broken, The total bill should be around $650.00 to $850.00 for A BENCH job, and around $975.00 to $1300.00 for A Remove/Replace job, This will be more like $1600.00 if you take it to A franchise, such as AAMCO, or cottman, There are benefits to A private owned shop, as well as benefits to A franchise, Also drawbacks to both. NONE of the estimated prices include HARD parts! Good luck, Jamison

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