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Transmission slipped out of gear and will not go into any gear now what is it?


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If manual box then check all gear change linkages back to the box.


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i can not shift my 2000 v w beetle into any gear. I stopped for fuel, when I start out again the trans slipped out of gear, and now will not go into any gear. did the transmission linkage come loose, or what may have happened... at a lose, thanks

For a 1998 Plymouth Voyager that won't go into gear, the problem may be the shifter or the shifter cable. A problem with the linkage can cause it to not shift into gear. Also, check the transmission fluid to see if it's low. Even if it isn't low, you may need to change the transmission fluid and filter.

emoved trans and replace clutch and pp now gear shiffter is real sloppy in floor mounted any sujustions

No you can not. The computer is programed to run the 700R4 transmission.

I put a 1990 transmission in my 89 Lincoln town car but the gear was different on went back for park and the other went forward. So we changed the gears inside the transmission but now it slips and will not get passing gear when stomped. Is the transmission bad?

I was remove auto transmission gear box filter and now I can't fix it on nut not fix

Thils is a typical problem in the geo transmission. There is a check valve in the shift body of the transmission. It is easily fixed and costs next to nothing. If you haven't fixed it by now contact me and I'll give you the information. Mr Geo Metro

he did a "neutral slam". i did that to my dads car when i was a teenager and trashed his transmission. this and other dumb automotive decisions made me the mechanic i am now. suck it up and tow it to a transmission shop. be prepared to spend plenty of money. don't be suprised if there is engine damage also,sorry.

well you might need to add more transmission fluid you might even have to drain your intire transmission of the fluid it has now and put more in the transmission.

Fix the leak then refill the transmission. You may have done some damage to the transmission however it may still work. It most likely was not dry. If the fluid is to low the transmission stops working. You did say transmission fluid not oil so I take it that it is an automitic transmission.

The transmission has gone into the fail safe mode, to keep it from blowing apart.There is a mayjor problem in the trans. or computer system.Stop driving it and get it to a trained transmission man/shop. NOW.

It does not have a modulator valve. The intire transmission is controled by the ECM--computor. You need to take it to a transmission shop that you can trust.

I own a 1992 Plymouth Acclaim.The problem is with a plain white wire that runs from your stearing wheel to the display box. I don't know what its called. The display box is the thing with the speedomiter and gas gage...anyway. Where it says what gear its in. The cable streaches out over time. I had to tighten mine, and i went ahead and replaced the cable leading from the transmission to the steering wheel. Now it works great! I don't get the low gear anymore because ive had to tighten it up so much...but it says in drive and it shifts gears now. It used to just rev up into 3rd. But you could also have blown your transmission.

If you mean the transmission itself shifts forward, it is because the transmission is suspended, so when the transmission is put in reverse gear the momentum will push the transmission forward. Now, if the car pulls forward when put in reverse, this means there is a transmission problem. This may just indicate the shift linkages need adjustment, or that the transmission has a major problem and needs repairing. Take it to a shop and have it checked.

Well I asked this one and now i will also answer it. It is one of the cables going from the shifter to the transmission broke

From previous experience, it is because your transmission is about to die. I'm now on the 3rd transmission and I only have 100 000km on the 2003 Kia Rio. Good luck!

The clutch slipped. Shouldn't be a problem. The higher the gear the less grab it has for lack of a better term. The motor is putting out more power than the transmission can use and it has to go somewhere. With a new clutch, the motor would probably die. With one that has some wear on it the surface is slick enough that it will slide between the flywheel and the pressure plate.

i think its because the transmission fluid is cold the only way to warm it up is to buy a cheap oil pan heater or if you have a wood stove sit a pan of ashes under the tran now it doesnt really do any harm when it pops that's just it going into gear

Hey, what's up. What you can do is with you drive axles removed, put your transmission in neutral and spin the output shaft of your transmission. The shaft should move freely. Now put it in gear and it should not move freely. Have somebody push the clutch pedal in to disengage the transmission. Now spin the output shaft. If it spins freely, your good.

I had my transmission flushed and now my 97 Voyager will go into reverse and doesn't slip anymore. Was doing that until it was warmed up.

I would not touch Mission's goalie gear as it is for Roller Hockey only. The Mission/Itech company has been now purchased by Bauer Inc. So Mission and Itech Goalie gear is discontinued.

The advantage of a six speed manual transmission over a automatic transmission is you control the shifting. Now this can be a good or bad thing. It depends on how exprienced you are at driving and how well you know your car. Another advantage is that when you are driving or racing on a track you have another gear to go unlike other cars.

Count the # of teeth on the ring gear. Now count the # of teeth on the pinion gear. Now divide the small # into the big # and that will be your gear ratio.

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