Truck starts hard after sitting long but starts fine only when sitting a short while?

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it could be several problems main 3 to start with are spark air fuel
most likely your fuel lines or filter could have build up or pressure loss
also a bad wire to starter or your air filter could need replaced so check air and battery and fuel
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How do you start an engine that has been sitting for a long time?

Answer . the same way you start an engine that you used yesterday. However, if it doesn't start as it should, then you have to deal with whatever problem is preventing it from starting.. I am going to assume the engine was in a car. I'd be surprised if the battery is any good at all, sitting thi ( Full Answer )

After driving a while your truck won't start won't say nothing all the head lights and radio work but when you turn the key nothing After sitting a while it starts?

Answer . Have starter load tested.. Answer . it's your solinoid. Answer . Older Chevy's are known for this problem. it is because the starter and selonoid are so close to the exhaust that they get hot. this causes more resistence in the selonoid so it just needs to cool down. Try some hea ( Full Answer )

Why does a 91 ford Tempo shut off while driving and then not start but when it sits for sometime 30 minutes usually it starts up just fine?

ignition control module. This is one of most common problems with ford tempo when there are over 100k miles\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nIgnition coil or fuel pump are the 2 big ones that come to mind on that one.\n. \n. \nHEY IT COULD ALSO BE THE CAM SENSOR TELLING THE COMPUTER TO SHUT DOWN, THE ( Full Answer )

1993 Saturn fuel problem it is very hard to start soon after shut down and it blows black smoke and stuff out exhaust it starts fine after sitting overnight but uses way too much gas just started this?

Answer . Sounds like your fuel injectors need to be checked. Had a LeBaron with the same problem, Chrysler had issued a recall but dealer never told me when I came in for service. Got my $300 back finally. Check with a Saturn dealer to see if they can suggest something.. Had a celica that did sa ( Full Answer )

93 Chevy blazer 4.3 v 6 very hard to start after sitting over night but after you get it started and warmed up it starts just fine please help?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYouve got a bad egr vavle or you got blowby in the intake.....since it is a tbi engine you might want to check the choke solenoid that warms up the intake all these could help\n. \n. \n I Had the Exact Same Problem = Replaced the Coolant Temp. Sensor \n. \nEverytime it ( Full Answer )

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Your 1991 Buick lesabre hard to start after sitting all night must hold accelerator down while cranking then runs fine all day you checked the valve after sitting all night no fuel till cranking?

check your fuel pressure at the rail. the regulator may be going bad.. turn key to on but not running. check for pressure. fuel pressure should hold for about 1-2 min at the rail before it bleads down. if you have an inital blast of pressure and then it is gone in 10-20 seconds change the regulator ( Full Answer )

Why would a 1999 dodge stratus start up fine but then sputter and die while driving or sitting at idle for a while?

There are any number of answers to this question and I know because I have a 1998 Stratus and it is currently happening to me. It could be the fuel pump is not working properly. It could be the crank sensor. It could be insufficient pressure in the fuel delivery to the engine (like if theres a kink ( Full Answer )

Why will a car not start after sitting a while?

More information is needed, such as, the year, make and model. Is it when the car is cold or hot,rainy or dry weather, gas tank full or half full. The are to many possibilities.

Your 2002 Cavalier is very hard to start after it sits over night The engine restarts easily after the first startup runs fine the rest of the day?

I used to have this problem with an old Zodiac, its either too rich a mixture which is sooting the plugs and this creates a weak spark when cold. or fuel level in carb.. I used to have this problem with an old Zodiac, its either too rich a mixture which is sooting the plugs and this creates a weak ( Full Answer )

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Roketa 250 scooter very hard to start after sitting overnight?

Two things which can commonly cause this to happen are:. 1) Battery - go to any local battery place and they will test your battery. 2) Dirty carburetor - this is most commonly a problem if you have old gas sitting in the scooter over the winter. Go to a scooter/motorcycle mechanic and get the car ( Full Answer )

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1996 Chevy 2500 truck 5.7 engine starts fine after running for a while but it sometimes doesn't want to start after sitting it is getting fuel but doesn't seem to be getting fire?

Check the battery mine 1995 Z71 did the same thing changed starter still did same thing finally was told to check the battery after it sets awhile battery does not have enough juice too kick the starter in I had battery checked sure enough on cell on battery was dead bought new one not a problem sin ( Full Answer )

How to start car that has sit awhile?

make sure battery is charged, make sure it has good fuel in the tank, replace fuel filter. maybe new spark plugs and spark plug wires. and then try to turn it on. tell me if it turned on, if no we can discuss it more.

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Car hard to start after sitting?

Need to know the year, make and model and how long it has been sitting to help you with that one.

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1983 380 SL hard to start when warmed up new coil plugs wires cap and rotor car sits overnight starts fine?

It could be a couple of things that would make your car do that.... firstly, did you have this problem prior to installing all those ignition items? If you didn't have that problem, I would think it would be the coil. Did you also replace the spark plugs? It's also important to use factory MB parts ( Full Answer )

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Can you put check valve in fuel line. My 2000 Wrangler starts hard because pump loses pressure after sitting a while?

You shouldn't be losing pressure, if you are there is something not working correctly. Check your fuel pressure regulator, that is one place where excess pressure is routed back to the fuel tank, and where a malfunction could make you lose pressure while the vehicle sits. Another option would be ( Full Answer )

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What is wrong with your car if it only starts after sitting for a while...It takes me back and forth to work everyday with no problem but when running errands won't start after the 2nd or 3rd place?

Assuming the fluid levels are normal then it is most likely the starter is getting too hot from start and stop use. Locate the starter on your vehicle and see if it has a heat sheild if it doesn't or its mostly eroded away then buy one and that should help you, they do sell aftermarket ones for vehi ( Full Answer )

How do you Start a Chev C-10 pickup truck after sitting for 3 Years?

Drain as much fuel out of it as possible, put a few gallons of fresh fuel into the tank, install a good battery, check the engine oil, transmission oil and coolant levels, start it up, run it for an hour or two, shut if down then change the engine oil and filter. Inspect all hoses and belts and repl ( Full Answer )

Why does your car start up well when its hot outside but after it sits without running for a while its hard to start?

It is a combination of things that contribute to cars not starting well in in cold temperatures. A car is started by a combustion reaction. For this to occur we turn the key that sends an an electrical current to turn the starter motor. This is a chemical reaction as with all chemical reaction its ( Full Answer )