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True or false the path of a hurricane can cover hudreds of miles?

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Which is smaller a hurricane or a tornado?

A hurricane covers hundreds or thousands of square miles. A tornado will cover no more than a couple of miles, and normally was less than that. It can touch down and be only a few yards wide.

Does a hurricane generally cover a path not more than 100 meters wide?

No. A hurricane is hundreds of miles wide. It is a tornado that is typically less than 100 meters wide.

Has wind speeds greater than 74 miles per hour true or false?

wind speeds over 74 miles per hour are possible. in a hurricane winds can get up to 100 miles an hour!

How does a hurricane remain a hurricane?

a hurricane remains a hurricane when the hurricane is 74 miles and up, if it is lower, its downgraded into a tropical storm.

How many miles across can a hurricane be?

The average hurricane is 300 miles across. The smallest hurricane recorded was Cyclone Tracy at about 60 miles across, the largest was Typhoon Tip at over 1300 miles across.

What is the diameter of a hurricane?

The average diameter of a hurricane is 300 miles.

What is the diameter of a typical hurricane and of its eye?

A typical hurricane is about 300 miles across while a typical hurricane eye is 20 to 40 miles across.

How many miles is hurricane irene?

35 miles

How many miles wide is a hurricane?

It depends on the hurricane, but the average is 300 miles. Sizes ma y range from only 60 miles to over 1300 miles.

What is the height of a hurricane?

Typically a hurricane extends upwards about 10 miles.

What is the average size of a hurricane?

The average hurricane is 300 miles across,

What is the diameter of the eye of a hurricane?

It depends of the size of the hurricane and it varies from hurricane to hurricane. The big ones can have an eye with a diameter of 20 miles.

Which is bigger a thunderstorm or a hurricane?

A hurricane. A thunderstorm is usually about 15 miles wide. A hurricane averages 300.

What is the size of a hurricane?

It is different every hurricane, but the average is 300 miles wide.

How many miles was hurricane Ike?

about 300 miles long

How many mile wide the hurricane can be up?

The largest hurricane or typhoon ever recorded was Typhoon Tip in 1970 at 1350 miles wide. The largest Atlantic hurricane was Hurricane Igor in 2010 at 902 miles wide.

How big was Hurricane Sandy?

At its largest Hurricane Sandy had a gale diameter of 1,100 miles.

How much smaller was Hurricane Katrina than Hurricane Igor?

Hurricane Igor On September 19,2010 was recorded at 545 miles wide its largest point On August 27,2005 Katrina's largest point was 200 miles wide. Hurricane Katrina was 345 miles smaller than Hurricane Igor. And Igor was a Category 2 but Katrina was a Category 5.Huh.

What was the fastest hurricane ever?

Hurricane Camille was the fastest hurricane ever recorded. The strong winds that this hurricane created were up to 190 miles per hour.

What is a hurricane with winds over 75 miles an hour?

By definition it is a hurricane. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone with winds of 74 mph or more.

How many miles do you cover in 30 minutes at 16 miles per hour?

You cover 8 miles in 30 minutes.

How big was hurricane Ike's diameter?

Hurricane Ike's diameter was 600 miles. Hurricane Ike was a category 4 hurricane which hit south Texas and Cuba in 2008.

How large can a hurricane get?

almost 1350 miles

What was the size of Hurricane Katrina?

415 miles

What is a distance a hurricane can travel?

5 miles

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