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It could be implantation bleeding. I got a very faint positive the day after I missed my period and a dark positive 4 days after, I tested the day of my period and it was negative. Wait until your period is actually due and then test. Good luck!

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What if you are 7 days late for your period and the home pregnancy test is negative?

Then you're probably not pregnant but just in case, take another test in a week if your period still hasn't arrived

Period very late lots of discharge but negative blood test Could you still be pregnant?

Sometimes periods vary in timing and amounts of flow, without apparent reason. Since it arrived and your test is negative, it is most probable that pregnancy is not part of the scenario.

You stopped taking the pill 5 months ago as you wish to conceive but havent had a period since could you still get pregnant?

If you're still ovulating then you can still conceive. See your DR to find out why your period hasn't arrived. This is not normal.

You missed your period in December due September 22nd but had baby on September 1st when did you conceive?

Likely about 2 weeks before the missed period if the woman had regular periods. The baby may have arrived earlier or later than the average 40 week pregnancy, so it is impossible to know based on birthdate.

How can you stop pregnancy when you realize your period has not arrived?

If you are pregnant you must consult your doctor, before you do an abortion.

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Chances of pregnancy with delayed period of 3 weeks?

Hi. My last period started on 30th Sept. On 9th and 10th Oct my boyfriend and I had sex with condoms. On 23rd, 24th Oct and 1st Nov, we had unprotected sex and he came inside me. On 2nd Nov I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. My period hasn't arrived until the current time I am typing now. I have no symptoms of pregnancy at all up to now. Please help.

Can you still have a period and pregnancy test be negative and be pregnant?

Yes, I feel sore breast and feel pregnant and i take pregnancy test which result into negative after 2 days i have my period and very heavy but no clots and very painful last 5 days. and my husband needs to go because he is a seaman so i am alone.. after 1 month i expect my menstruation will arrived but its late after 2 days late i take pregnancy test and its POSITIVE... how can i get pregnant when my husband left me when my first day of my menstruation.. so i go to doctor and i found out i am 2 months pregnant... I am very Happy.. its a Blessing to God..

You had a miscarriage when you took a pregnancy test last month and it came positive Then you started bleeding like a period Took another pregnancy test and it was negative?

This is difficult to answer. It depends on whether you performed one or more pregnancy tests. If you only took one test then its very possible this test was faulty but false positives are not as common as false negatives. If the bleeding arrived when your period was due and was exactly like a period then I would personally believe this was your period and is not caused by a miscarriage.

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If your period came a couple days early and the blood is bright red could that be a sign of pregnancy?

Hello - Heavy bleeding I would say is not a sign of pregnancy. Light bleeding or abnormal flow period for you (not including dates period arrived) can be a sign of pregnancy. Do a test in two weeks.

Your period was 5 days late it has arrived but for the past week you have been feeling sick in the mornings and evenings ive done a pregnancy test and it has come back negative what else could it be?

Odds are it's too early for a pregnancy test to detect pregnancy. You can also still get your period and be in conception. Time will tell. Your doctor can offer a test that can detect earlier than your over-the-counter preg. tests. Just try not to worry, and take each day at a time. It will all be revealed in due time. Hang in there. Y

Had weeks of early pregnancy signs then your period was 3 days late When your period arrived it was very light for me and stopped early am I pregnant?

you could be but most likely not. pregnancy symptoms are so common and sometimes mock pre menstrual symptoms (pms). you should get a positive result on a pregnancy test by now if you are.

Your period was on 4 th you missed your periodtook test on 5 th but got negative having pain in stomach shifting up and downhaving little headachewhite dischargetirednessCan you still be pregnantwhen?

Its possible you could of conceived, yes. You need to perform a pregnancy test in 7 days time. If your period hasn't arrived by this time, see your Doctor for a Quantitative beta hcg pregnancy blood test. You will need to ask specifically for this blood test.

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What if your periods are not arrived from last 2 monthsbut you hd done p test 2 times it was negativecan you be pregnant?

That happened to me... I went to my OB (hoping to be pregnant despite the negative pregnancy test results).. My OB gave me medicine and told me that if I were pregnant, the medicine will help hold my baby and that if I were not, then I would have my period within the week... Sadly, my period came.

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