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Q: Tu as vraiement un tres doux bisous c est possible de se connaitre plus?
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What is exact meaning of bisous doux at the end of one text?

Sweet Kisses is exact meaning of bisous doux. It is a salutation.

When was Groupe Doux created?

Groupe Doux was created in 1955.

How do you pronouce doux?

doux (sweet) is pronounced like the English verb 'do'

What does doux reve mean in french?

= = doux rêves =sweet dreams

What is 'billet doux' when translated from French to English?

A billet-doux is a love letter.

How do you say this in English Il est doux?

"Il est doux" = he is sweet

When did Julian Doux die?

Julian Doux died in June 1915, in Meuse, France.

What is the meaning of gentle in french?

The meaning of "gentle" in French is "doux."

What is Saint-Pierre-sur-Doux's population?

The population of Saint-Pierre-sur-Doux is 101.

Say soft and firm in french?

Soft: doux Firm: ferme

What actors and actresses appeared in Le doux sauvage - 1970?

The cast of Le doux sauvage - 1970 includes: Robert Charlebois as Chanteur Yves Corbeil as Le Doux Sauvage

When was Leone Le Doux born?

Leone Le Doux was born in 1926, in Norwich, Connecticut, USA.