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Tu saves que te quiero mean?

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Do you know that I like you ?

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What does y tu sabes que te quiero pero mean?

Y tu sabes que te quiero pero -and you know that I want/love you but

What does this mean in English no quiero que te mata tu novia?

If the question is: no quiero que te MATE tu novia, then it means "I don't want your girlfriend to kill you". i dont want you to kill your girlfriend...creepy

Tu sane que te quiero mucho?

I think what your trying to say is ( Tu sabes que te quiero mucho) it means (you know i love you alot).

What does como tu esta espero que bien te quiero mucho mean?

How are you well I hope I love you a lot

Who sings the song quiero decirte que tu in la diosa coronada?

quien canta quiero decirte que? de la diosa coronada

What does me si quiero que me hacen decir tu nombre mean?

It is ungrammatical. It literally means: "me if I want them to make me say your name"

No quiero que te mata tu novia?

"I don't want your girlfriend to kill you."

Quiero saber - que significa tu nombre?

Translation: I want to know - what does your name mean? You would have to supply a name for a detailed answer.

What does yo quiero que tu you das algo rico mean n English?

"I want to give you something rich (of good quality)."

Yo quiero ser tu todo yo solo quiero que confies en mi?

i want be your everithing and i want you trust me

What does Tu sabes que yo mean in English?

tu sabes que yo mean = you know what i mean

What does que tu quieres mean?

que tu quieres means What do you want?

What does amo y quiero que tu sepas to cuanto que te necesito y que importante tu eres para mi mean?

That means: I love you and I want to know since you need and that you are important to me.answer: it means i love you and i want you to know how much i need you, and how important you are for me

What is the english for yo te quiero mas que a mi cida porque sin tu amor?

yo te quiero más que a mi vida porque sin tu amor... i love you more than my life because without your love....

What does que tu aimes mean in French?

'... que tu aimes is '... that you like' in French.

Est -Ce Que tu mean?

Est-ce que tu means 'Do you . . . ?'

What does tu el unico que you entiende y el unico que quiero mean?

The sentence isn't grammatically correct, but I believe it was intended to say 'You are the only one who understands and the only one I love.'

What does te quiero tanto que no hay nada en esta vida que signfica para mi mas que tu y yo haria cualquier cosa por ti te quiero mean?

"I love you so much that there is nothing in this life means more to me than you and I would do anything for you. I love you."

What does quiero ser tu sola mean?

I want to be your only.

What does Quiero tener tu hijo mean?

I want to have your child.

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