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Tu tambien translate that to English?

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"Tu tambien" translates as "you too" or "you also".

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Tu tambien (informal) Usted tambien (formal) = You too

"Tu tambien" means "You too" or You also."Example:person 1: "Que tengas un buen dia." (Hope you have a nice day.)person 2: "Gracias, tu tambien." (thanks, you too)Tu tambien in Spanish means you too in English

Tambien is Spanish. When translated into English, Tambien means too, well, also. When looking for translation of Spanish into English, one can consult a dictionary or an expert.

si, tu tambien si, tu tambien

"Me amas tu tambien?" means "Do you also love me?" or "Do you love me, too?"

tu eres linda tambien means you are beautiful, too

Thank you and you too Thank you and to you as well

It means: "Love him/her also, my friend"

te amo y tu familia tambien, perhaps should be: te amo a ti, igual a tu familia. Roughly speaking: I love you and your family, or, I love you and your family also.

If you mean tu tambien, then it's: you too

Dibuja tu familia means Draw your family

I think you are trying to say "Me gustas tú también" which means "I like you also"

Translation: "And you also?"

Confusing wordage for the question - in no way grammatically correct. If the question is "Te amo a ti tambien" the translation is "I love you ,too". If the question is "Me amas tu tambien?", the translation is "Do you love me, too?".

there are two sentences here, tambien lo hacen = they also do it tengo tu corazon = i have your heart

Why yes, yes you can translate English to Spanish! :D Si! Tu puedes traducir ingles a espanol!

The Latin words si iniquitates translate into English as the words if thou. In Italian these words translate as se tu.

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