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Oh my...I just happened to me 6 times in the last 6 months...same vechicle. My van is getting fixed for the 6th time@##0# 1998 with 124K perfect condition...well Ok not quite perfect but pretty close. This time the dealer might??? have found the answer. There is a short in the instrument panel.,it was drawing 9 volts instread of the normal 2 volts. I have spent around 6k in the last 6 months and abount to spend 1k more. It is time to trade this puppy in for a Toyota or Honda!!!!!

2007-08-06 03:28:15
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Western plow MArk3a on 90 S10 pickup Plow does not do anything relay clicks but thahs all?

If the relay clicks, chances are that it is your motor. Same thing happened to me and we made sure all power connections were good and fluid was good. Nothing happened until we tapped on the motor with a wrench, then the blade came up. Old motors tend to wear out and get "sticky" after a while.

Is there a fuse problem or what with the 1991 Plymouth Voyager horn when the relay clicks but horn does not sound?

It is important to know what is causing problems in a car. When the horn relay clicks, but the horn does not sound, it is not a fuse but more likely to be the cars clock spring.

Why Johnson outboard 70hp will click but not turn over?

If it clicks and doesn't do anything else.. Change the selinoid....its nothing else but that..i just had the same thing like 3 weeks ago....

When go to start my 1998 Plymouth grand voyager it clicks and then it usually start could this be my starter?

Likely that your starting motor needs to be reconditioned/re-built

1994 grand Cherokee Laredo before installed CD player it turned over fine next day turned the key and nothing happened no clicks no noise what so ever what could be the problem?

dead battery

How do you tell if the stater solenoid is bad or not?

if the started doesnt do anything its the solenoid if it just clicks and spins its the bendix

What would be the problem if when pressed the brake brake pedal clicks?

nothing it could just be the tail lights coming on.

WE have a 1999 Seville with a new battery It clicks when ignition is turned then nothing and it can not be jumped-why?

Check for bad connections or fusable link

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When you turn the key in dodge grand caravan nothing happens?

First guess; the battery is dead. Second; a break in the ignition switch wiring. NOTHING happens? No noise, no clicks, NOTHING? Check to see if the ceiling light comes on when you open the door.

Can't seem to work out how to open oil filler cap on my Chrysler Grand Voyager 99 3.3.?

If the cap just clicks when trying to remove you will need to pry the top of the cap off and then remove the botom half with pliers.

How do you replace wiper blades on 1998 grand voyager?

Many wiper blades on a 1998 Grand Voyager are held in by a clip. Push the clip towards the arm, and then push the blade back. When the wiper blade is free from the hook, disconnect it from the arm by pushing the wiper down the arm a few inches. It will be free and easy to remove. Now remove the old wiper, and prepare the new wiper. Aim the hook towards the new wiper, it will go over the top. Push the blade towards the end of the arm, until it clicks. Once it clicks, it is in the correct position.

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assuming the battery and cables are good and connected....check the ignition switch..:)

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Why does it take several 'clicks' for your 1997 grand voyager to start?

If it is a single hard click each time you turn the key the starter is going out and will need repaired/replaced.If it is a single hard click each time you turn the key the starter is going out and will need repaired/replaced.

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