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It helps to know make and model of any car as most have a weak spot or something that is the usual cause of a given problem. Turning over slow=bad connection, starter. Plugs, are you getting spark at the plugs? carb. or injected? Timing belt? Timing. If injected are they firing? Lots of things could be wrong, need to know what kind of car. But I posted this in the Daewoo Matiz section!! Anyway thanks for coming back. The car is a '00 Matiz with M100 engine, I've just finished doing the head gasket and new piston rings too. I have everything back now and expected it to start but its not firing at all. The plugs are almost new and the timing belt is new and double double checked at this stage. When I turn the engine over it turns on the starter as normal for 2 or 3 turns but then fades badly for a split second, comes back and does it over and over again. I've cleaned the points in the cap and the rotor arm too. If I disconnect the leads from the plugs the hesitating turnover problem goes away and it turns like you'd expect, just doesnt fire, plugs connected again and its doing this jekyll and hyde turnover thing again. I suspect the battery but have tried jumping and the engine only turned even faster but didnt start.

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Saturn sl1 does not turn over on start hesitates about 5 seconds?

have your fuel injectors cleaned

1989 suburban hesitates when accelerating from 45 mph?

If a 1989 Suburban hesitates when accelerating from 45 miles per hour, the carburetor might need cleaned. A clogging can cause surging and hesitation.

76 dodge Van hard to start and rough idle plus hesitates on acceleration?

change the intake and carb worked for me and the intake manifold needs to be cleaned out

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as a filter needs a little cleaned is when it starts turning black or gray and soak it in warm soapy water then scrub.

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The filter of the espresso machine can be replaced, but not much else can be removed by the user, but can be serviced by a professional.

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No , the tank should be flushed out and cleaned by a LMP

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Why does my 1992 g20 - act sluggish wants to go but hesitates I have changed fuel filterpump has good presurefixed air hoses and a new catalytic converter I have also had the injectors cleaned?

check timing plugged muffler

Your 1993 Buick Lesabre hesitates after holding the gas for more than 30seconds you changed the spark plugs you got the fuel system cleaned out and you replaced the air filter nothing is working?

it sound like you have A BAD MAP SENCER

Gmc Vehicle stall when air condition turned on?

This is probably a dirty throttle body. It should be removed and cleaned.

1997 rav4 after it warms up it acts like its not getting fuel hesitates and you can't get over 2000 rpms replaced plugscaprotorfuelfilter check engine has not come on also cleaned TBI?

This problem turned out to be the "crank sensor" part was $70.00 from the dealer, 2.5 hours to replace. I beleave the crank sensor went bad when I cleaned the engine before selling it.

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my 1991 b2200was overheating until i removed the radiator and sent it to be cleaned, problem solved.

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Either your filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

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Bumper stickers can be removed from a car. At first the bumper sticker should be dried with a hair drier. After one minute it can be removed. The are underneath the bumper stickers can be cleaned with water.

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You should clean body jewelery at least once a week, or more if it's on the tongue.

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Locate the screw in the center of the blades. Unscrew and remove blades, once removed they can be cleaned and disinfected in boiling water.

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Yes, it is possible to get urine odor out of a carpet even if it has been there a while. It will need to be re cleaned, possibly more than once. If there is padding under the carpet, it will need to be removed and replaced. The floor below should be thoroughly cleaned as well.

Why does my 1500 suburban stumble on acceleration?

If the 1500 Surburban hesitates on acceleration, there could be a few things going on. There could be a problem with the fuel sending unit or the fuel pump. It's also possible that the fuel injectors need to be cleaned or one or more of them may need to be replaced.

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