Turning over wont fire but every few turns she hesitates then turns again. Batt ok as a jump didnt work. Removed fuel pump relay solved hesitancy so am sure batt is ok cleaned dizzy rotor plugs?

It helps to know make and model of any car as most have a weak spot or something that is the usual cause of a given problem. Turning over slow=bad connection, starter. Plugs, are you getting spark at the plugs? carb. or injected? Timing belt? Timing. If injected are they firing? Lots of things could be wrong, need to know what kind of car. But I posted this in the Daewoo Matiz section!! Anyway thanks for coming back. The car is a '00 Matiz with M100 engine, I've just finished doing the head gasket and new piston rings too. I have everything back now and expected it to start but its not firing at all. The plugs are almost new and the timing belt is new and double double checked at this stage. When I turn the engine over it turns on the starter as normal for 2 or 3 turns but then fades badly for a split second, comes back and does it over and over again. I've cleaned the points in the cap and the rotor arm too. If I disconnect the leads from the plugs the hesitating turnover problem goes away and it turns like you'd expect, just doesnt fire, plugs connected again and its doing this jekyll and hyde turnover thing again. I suspect the battery but have tried jumping and the engine only turned even faster but didnt start.