Twelve days after giving birth and just started leaking colostrum for the second time. I didn't breastfeed other than the first bit of colostrum at the hospital why?

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Sounds like either your milk came in, or your overproducing
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Can leaking colostrum from one breast be a sign of pregnancy?

Leaking Colostrum from One Breast Here are answers and opinions from FAQ Farmers: . I'm pretty certain you are pregnant, unless it is normal for you to go that long. I'd get a test. If you are pregnant, it's OK to leak. I started leaking when I was three months along. . I had the same happen to ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to leak colostrum and not be pregnant?

Answer . \nYES!!! It happened to me, and any stimulation to the breasts may make it increase or maintain it for a long time, it happens when you have miscarried, or when your horomone levels are high, for any reason really. It does not mean pregnancy, but a positive pregnancy test does.

How early in your pregnancy can you start to leak colostrum?

Answer . Taken from Some women will try and express colostrum from their breasts during pregnancy. If you do it is normal to only to get a few drops out at any one time. This can be done by massaging the breast down to the nipple and then compressing the areola , with your fin ( Full Answer )

What would cause blood in colostrum when your breast leak?

Answer . Hello -\n. \nThis is usually caused by several things. Infection, papilloma, tumour etc. You need to see your Doctor straight away about this so some tests can be performed. It is most likely caused by a milk duct infection.

Are you pregnant if you have abdominal pain and your breasts are leaking colostrum and you urinate frequently?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nMost likely yes. See your doctor for a blood test.\n. \n---answer---\n. \nWhat do you mean by " colostrum" . Any time you press your nipples when NOT PREGNANT liquid will come out your breast. Many women claim that it is indeed true. Even on faqfarm website I have read ( Full Answer )

Period late 2 weeks than very short ever since colostrum from breast and full breasts but no other symptoms can it be pregnancy?

Answer we have desame problem. i also have milk especially when i pumped. According to the this site as i read its possible you are pregnant. Because its an early sign of pregnancy. . Its not colostrum coming from your breasts. Colostrum comes out after delivery and first time of breast feeding. ( Full Answer )

What is colostrum?

Colostrum is the milk that a female mammal produces immediately after the first few hours after giving birth. It contains immunoglobins, antibodies and essential nutrients that are very important for the health and vigor of a newborn.

Is it normal for your breasts to still be leaking milk 16 mths after giving birth you didn't breastfeed?

Answer . Prolactin levels have a great deal to do with milk production and release as does oxytocin (another hormone). Since prolactin is sometimes a component of birth control pills it is possible that milk leakage is the result of oral contraception. The other factor, oxytocin, promotes the em ( Full Answer )

When will colostrum start?

Answer . I had my last period 1 1/2 months ago had a blood test done 2 weeks ago but my breasts are leaking colostrum. Am i pregnant? I stopped breastfeeding my second child October 2006, might it be due to this that the milk is just still working itself out

Does every woman leak colostrum during pregnancy?

Answer . No, not every woman leaks colostrum during pregnancy. Some women do, some do not. It is different with each pregnancy as well. A woman might leak during her first pregnancy and not her second or she might leak during every pregnancy or never during any pregnancy. Either way is NORMAL ( Full Answer )

How long before a cat gives birth does colostrum show.?

About 1 to 2 min after the kitten is out u will see the colostrums come out the queen (the Mother) will eat it in order to keep her new born from predators and also because she needs it to have enough energy for the next hours. Thus answer is incorrect, what they are referring to is the placenta, ( Full Answer )

Is it okay to start birth control for first time second day of period?

Answer . As long as you have had a negative pregnancy test or there is NO CHANCe of being pregnant (such as no sex) then it doesnt matter when you start. It may just throw off your pill pack and you may have a more irregular cycle to start off with.

When do your breasts start to produce colostrum?

breast start to create a thick yellowish liquid called colostrum normally around 3 months into your pregnancy. Mine began creating colostrum at exactly 19 weeks. Some women not at all. Its a pre-milk substance preparing for the actual breast milk to come.

If you can squeeze colostrum will you be able to breastfeed?

Colostrum extraction has no bearing on the ability to breastfeed, Generally as long as you are able to get a good clean latch, and the baby is extracting milk properly, then you should have no problems breastfeeding at all.

Why am you leaking a small amount of colostrum but definitely not pregnant?

If you are not pregnant, then it is not colostrum - it is "nipple discharge." Nipple discharge is one of the more common reasons that women go to see their gynecologists, and can be caused by many different things. Some harmless, some not. It is important, therefore - to see your doctor, particul ( Full Answer )

Leaking colostrum after miscarriage?

Yes - my baby stopped growing at 13 weeks, but we didn't know until 16 weeks. The doctor induced using Cytotec in a hospital. Everything was expelled. Two days later, I noticed my nipples were moist. I was leaking colostrum. I was able to hand-express it.

Should foals have colostrum within the first 12 hours after birth?

It is absolutely important for foals to have colostrum in the early hours after birth to make sure they have the proper antibodies in their system for their immune systems to function properly.. A blood test is available to evaluate the presence of antibodies and there is a blood transfusion that w ( Full Answer )

Is colostrum healthy?

It has to be, as it contains crucial antibodies and immunoglobins for the newborn baby calf, foal, piglet, etc. to drink in order to ensure survival to weaning time and beyond.

What does it mean if you leak colostrum?

Some women at the mere end of their pregnancy start to leak colostrum. This is just a sign that their breasts are ready for milk production. It's completely normal to be experiencing this.

I am just starting my period for the first time the second day nothing will come out on the pad but when istick a tampon in blood will come out on it why is this?

It's not unusual to have a small amount of menstrual fluid at the opening of the cervix, up at the top of the uterus, that will be obvious on a tampon, but would have taken a while to show up on your pad. It needs to make the trip down the vagina before you see it on the pad, but you'll see it on th ( Full Answer )

Can you get pregnant if you just started birth control for the first month and your on the sugar pills and you forgot to take them the other day and a guy comes inside of you?

The sugar pills are only placebos (just a reminder what day you start your next pack) so if you don't take them it doesn't mean you will get pregnant. Just remember to start your next pack on time. No you can't get pregnant as long as you took all of your pills as prescribed. If you're worried you c ( Full Answer )

Could there be another reason as to why you are having a little bit of colostrum you have been on birth control pills for about 5 months?

Colostrum happens after delivery. If you are having breast discharge, it could represent a hormone imbalance, a medication side effect, due to sexual stimulation, or a breast problem. See your health care provider to talk about the next steps to take. Do not squeeze the nipples to elicit more discha ( Full Answer )

Does pregnant cow loose colostrum if sucked prior to giving birth?

No. She will continuously produce colostrum for the calf even after the calf is born. But separate her from the rest of the herd so the calf does have a chance to suckle his momma and not get pushed away by a milk thief. Better yet, see if you can catch the milk thief suckling on that preg cow. If i ( Full Answer )

How is colostrum taken?

Colostrum is presently available in a variety of forms, including tablets, liquids, powders, and encapsulated powders.

Can you leak colostrum from getting your nipple pierced?

Well you need to be lactating to generate colostrum (not actually pregnant). It's called the let down reflex and it is just that a "reflex". Manipulation of the areola and nipple will if done daily and done long enough can trigger the let down reflex to occur. Colostrum being the first fluid generat ( Full Answer )

How do you give colostrum to baby calves?

If they won't accept the bottle, tube them with an esophageal feeder. Colostrum comes in packets of dried powder, so read the instructions on the packet to determine how much water is needed for one packet of dried colostrum. .

What can give a newborn calf instead Colostrum?

NOTHING can or should replace Colostrum when feeding a newborn calf. You MUST feed a new baby calf colostrum within 24 hours after it is born. There is nothing man-made or similar than can replace colostrum.

Is it normal for colostrum to change color wile pregnant it was clear when i first started getting it now it is clear with yellow spots?

Yes. Colostrum is typically a range of colors from clear to yellow to white. The golden spots you are seeing just meant the "ingredients" are different and your colostrum is likely maturing. If you are 4-6 weeks from birth, you're getting the mature colostrum that will provide your baby much needed ( Full Answer )

What is it called when colostrum leaks onto the nipples of the mare?

This is typically a sign that the mare will foal very soon. There is no real term for the leaking, but if enough of it leaks out the foal might not get enough and need a colostrum supplement. A mare will 'bag up' (her udders become full) about a day or possibly more before foaling also.

Does a cow produce colostrum after giving birth?

Yes. Colostrum's for the calf's health. Without it, the calf will be much less immune to the many diseases of the outside world and be more prone to sickness and death than those calves that drink colostrum right after birth.