Two moms and two daughters go fishing They catch one big fish one little fish and one fat fish Only three fish are caught but each still take a fish home How is this possible?

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The fat fish gives live birth to another fish.
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What is a fish?

A fish is a living animal that retains oxygen from water and isborn with fins to swim with. There are many varieties of fish sothis answer is only the most basic information of all fish. . +++ They are also cold-blooded and reproduce by externally-fertilisedeggs.

Does a fish get lonely if there is only one?

Answer . Fish will not get lonely as such, but many fish naturally shoal with other fish and will therefore feel stressed if alone. You should research the species you have and find out what its needs are..

What is fishing?

Fishing is the act of catching fish in variety of techniques likeby netting, angling, hand gathering, trapping and spearing. It isnot limited by sex or age, any one can do it. Fishing methods varyin scale and operation depending on the species and area.

How do you fish?

Get a fishing pole(any will do) at a local bait and tackle shop or sports shop.Depending on the fish you want heres what you need(small fish):a eagle hook or jigger and a worm(medium fish):worm big head hook or minnow(big fish):minnows and shads. If its a sunny day and you want to fish, that's a OK ( Full Answer )

What is fish?

Fish is poultry. It is also a living organism that live in fresh and salt water.

Can you put two male betta fish in one tank?

Of course you can, but it will result in the two fish fighting. The males are very territorial.. No you can't. Betta fish are way to agressive. Especially males.. yes you can but only if you have a tank divider

What does a fish do?

well that's easy get bored eat them from going fishing or stores watchem swim feed the 1 a week or 1 every 2 weeks

You say one fish but many fish?

Correct.. There are a few words in English where the plural is the same as the singular. They are mostly animals (and fish).. One sheep, many sheep. One deer, many deer. One moose, many moose. One fish, many fish. One salmon, many salmon. Also one series, many series and one species, many spe ( Full Answer )

What do fish have?

well, boy fish have sperms, and girl fish have eggs that are supposed to be fertilized by the boy sperms

A fish is a?

A fish is a animal that lives in the sea or in a fish tank and just swims around all day

How do fish?

\n What exactly are you asking? How to fish or How do fish do something?

How do fish get it on?

They don't have sex if that's what you mean? They swim around in a small area and the female lays the eggs in a certain area while the male swims around directly after/beside the female, fertilizing them.

What is one good way to catch big fish on HorseIsle?

After you hook the fish you have to wait until its not rising up to click. It takes a bit to get the hang of but don't click if its moving up or else it will get away! You will notice that after it rises alittle it will stop rising/moving. That's the exact moment you click! Sometimes you have to dou ( Full Answer )

Why are there fish?

fish are apart of nature just like we are born they have to be born to.

How do you get fishing?

this question makes no sense :P# you dont GET fishing, you GO fishing. are u simple??

What can you do with your fish?

Put them in a decorative aquarium and add colorful gravel to the bottom and live plants that they will like to eat and hide among.

What the fish can do?

This can be answered in various ways. I'll interpret this as "what kinds of tricks fish can do," and try to answer the best I can. It is mistakenly and commonly assumed that fish are unintelligent animals that are not capable of learning tricks. This is completely untrue. Fish are most encouraged a ( Full Answer )

How do you get fish?

If you are looking into having fish at home, you can buy full aquarium kits at your local pet stores, and then choose fish that are best suited for your tank.

How do fish take care of the small ones?

In the case of Bettas, the male keeps his fry together in the nest he builds, and he protects them there. He cleans them in his mouth and will also feed them by crunching up small live food he catches and spraying it out for the fry to eat. He will only do this 'parenting' until he believes the fry ( Full Answer )

What do fish have and do?

Fish have: fins, eyes, organs, scales, etc . Fish Do: Eat, sleep, breed, respire, swim, digest, excrete, react, etc.

What fish do you have?

Far too many species to list here. But I specialise in fish from the Amazon and its tributaries. Discus are my main interest.

If you put two fish in a bowl and one eats the other what do you call the fish that was eaten?

You call the eaten fish dead. You also assume that the owner of the fish is totally incapable of doing the right thing and should not have fish. The basic rules for keeping any kind of fish are. 1 inch of fish needs a minimum of 1 gallon of water. :- Every tank needs a permanently running cycled fi ( Full Answer )

Why is one of your fish chasing another fish?

There could be several reasons for this. The most likely is aggression, where the one fish is trying to defend his territory. the second, less likely, reason is that they are ready to mate (if the fish re the same species), many fish do this during courtship

Catching fish is one of the oldest pastimes what is each word?

The parts of speech for each word in the sentence are: . catching : gerund, part of noun phrase which is thesubject of the sentence; . fish : noun, part of noun phrase which is subject of thesentence; . is : verb (linking verb); . one : indefinite pronoun, object of the linking verb, asubjec ( Full Answer )

What are the words to one fish two fish red fish blue fish?

one fish two fish red fish blue fish black fish blue fish old fish new fish some are red and some are blue. some are old and some are new. some are sad and some are glad. And some are very, very bad. Why are they das and glad and bad? I dont know. Go ask your dad. Some are thin and some ar ( Full Answer )

What do I do with my fish?

Link below has items that can be also used for bettas. Also try handfeeding them, its fun and they gain trust in you. Also try rearranging their tank decor.

Where do you get fish from?

we get them from the seas and oceans , rivers or lakes depending upon the type of fish you like!!

How do you get the fish?

You can catch Mullet by: When you see him getting closer save one of your normal fish and don't put it away when he comes fully on your screen hold it in front of him and he will catch it and you have caught him (the fish is bait to the mullet)

What are the words to one fish two fish?

one fish two fish red fish blue fish black fish blue fish old fish new fish some are red and some are blue. some are old and some are new. some are sad and some are glad. And some are very, very bad. Why are they sad and glad and bad? I dont know. Go ask your dad. Some are thin and some ar ( Full Answer )

How big tank for one betta fish?

well they only need 1 quart (four cups) of water so anything the same size or bigger and they will be perfectly happy. My betta lives in a 2 quart tank and he swims around happily.

What was the nook reading in one fish two fish red fish blue fish?

go under the sunshine skyway in florida by the bumpers and the rocks and you will catch mackeral grouper and much more like pike cobia trout snapper and even more some tarpon its not targeted but im only 12 and smarter than most i trie to put my own website up to pinpoint all hotspots i know but tha ( Full Answer )