Two periods a month after depo?

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each person is different when going on the depo shot. Ive been on the shot for a few years now, and have since then switched to other methods but have always ended back with the depo shot. When i would switch back to the depo i would experience frequent bleeding, spotting, and i was misrable. To stop the bleeding and spotting my doctor would either prescribe me another form of BC like the pill, to take until the bleeding subsided, or tell me to take 500MG of Ibuprofin every 4 hrs until it stopped. This may not work with you but it worked great with me and i havnt had any problems since.

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Q: Two periods a month after depo?
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I have been off the depo injection over severn months now and have had two regular periods but missed this month should you do a test?

i would suggest it .

You have been on the depo shot for two months and have had a period for a month now is this normal?

Depo shots are capable of changing the intervals between someone's periods. However, it is unusual to have a flow that spans a whole month without stopping. Immediately consult a physician if this is the case.

Can you have two periods in one month?

yes you can have two periods in one month

Why should you have two periods in a month?

It isn't that abnormal to have two periods in a month. However, sometimes it can occur, if you have a short cycle and your period starts at the beginning of the month. This would make it possible to have two periods in one month.

Can a woman have two periods a month?


What does it mean to have two periods in one month?

It means that your periods are irregular.

Is it normal not to have a period the first month of the depo shot?

Yes its completely normal. Some women are different on the shot. Some have periods some do not.

How does Depo-Provera affect menopause?

Depo Provera prevents pregnancy. It is of no use if your periods have stopped.

If you stopped taking Depo-Provera 4 months ago and started your first period is it normal for it to last 2 weeks and have a brownish color?

Yes. I was on Depo for approximately 10 years with NO period and then to the pill for about a year with controlled periods. I have since stopped taking ANY type of birth control and have had long 2 week periods and even two full periods a month. It will eventually regulate if not ask Dr. about Provera.

Can you get pregnant after missing one month of your depo shot?

can you get pregnant when missing one month of depo Type your answer here...

Can you have a Depo-Provera injection once a month?

No, Depo Provera is given about every three months, not every month.

You have had regular periods for a year and then you have two in one month?

periods could happen twice in one month, but the next month, you might miss

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