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Types of lines?

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Some types of lines are dotted, spiral, straight, vertical, horizontal, curved and zig-zag

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Types of Lines-?

There are different types of lines: curved lines, dotted lines, wavy lines and straight lines.

What are line types?

Line types are different types of lines. Some examples are: vertical lines, horizontal lines, strait lines, and squiggly lines.

Different types of lines in mathematics?

Different types of lines are :parallel lines, intersecting lines, perpendicular lines,oblique lines, vertical lines, horizontal lines, zigzag lines, curved lines ,wavy lines, and dashed or dotted lines.

What are the different types of alphabet lines?

Hi The different types of Alphabet of lines are:-Visible.-cutting plane lines.-Short breaking lines.-Border lines.-Invisible lines .-Ditto or hidden lines.-Center lines.-Long break lines.-Section lines.-Dimension lines

Lines and types of lines in engineering drawing?


Which types of lines match these equations?

Invisible lines!

What types of lines form a rectangle?

Parallel Lines

What is the types of line in art?

contour lines,blocking-in lines,sketching lines and implied lines

What are 3 types so lines that you can use on a map?

Contour lines, alpha lines, omega lines

What types of lines do a parallelogram have?

2 sets of Parallel lines

Types of lines used in geometry?

Line segments, perpendicular lines, and intersecting lines.

What are all types of lines?

They are: -skew lines -parallel lines -intersecting lines -straight lines -zigzag lines -dotted lines -solid lines -curved lines -perpendicular lines

What are the types of lines in fine art?

Center lines, hidden lines, cutting plane, break lines, dimension lines, section lines, extension lines

What are the three types of geometric lines?

They are amongst many more:- Perpendicular lines Parallel lines Diagonal lines Transversal lines Symmetrical lines

What types of slope do parallel lines have?

Parellel lines have equal slope

How many types of lines are there?


What types of lines does a triangle have?


What are the different types of strip lines with schematic disgrams?

Micro strip lines,Parallel strip lines,Coplanar strip lines,Shilded strip lines.

What are the different types of lines that are formed when two or more parallel lines are cut by a transversal?

There are several intersected lines.

What are the eight types of lines?

In visual arts, the eight types of lines are horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curved, patterned, contour, implied, and actual.

What two types of lines did Piet Mondrian use in his paintings?

Horizontal and vertical lines.

What are the three types of fault lines?


What two types of lines are there?

straight and curved

What are the six types of lines in technical drawing?

Thin lines for outlining Thick lines for dimension Thin dotted lines Thin dotted lines Thin long chains for center lines

What are 3 types of fault lines with 2 example locations?

There are three types of fault lines in the crust. There are divergent boundaries, convergent boundaries, and transform boundaries.