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Pathogens are microorganisms causing illness in other living things. Pathogens can be classified as prions, viruses, bacteria, fungi, protists, or helminthes.

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Are pathogens bacteria?

Yes pathogens are types of bacteria

What Four types of pathogens do humans have?

the four types of pathogens are viruses, protozoa, fungi and bacteria

What are the four types of pathogens?

The four type of pathogens are bacterium, protists, viruses, and fungi. Parasitic worms are NOT pathogens.

What are the characteristics of the different types of pathogens?

disease causing microorganisms are know as pathogens

How many pathogens are there?

There are four major types of human pathogens: -Bacteria -Viruses -Fungi -and Protists

What are two types pathogens?

Viral & bacterial.

Are viruses and bacteria types of pathogens?


What is a pathogen list 3 types of pathoged?

A pathogen is any agent that can cause a disease, and types of pathogens include viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens.

What types of medicines fight off pathogens?


What are the two main types of pathogens?

Bateria and viruse

What types of cells destroy pathogens by engulfing?


What types of pathogens are specific to the nose?

infleunzae virus

What are the six types of pathogens that can cause diseases?

Viral, Prionic, Bacterial, Fungal, Other parasites, Animal pathogens

2 types of white blood cells?

lymphocytes: produce antibodies and identify pathogens phagocyes: phagocytose/digest pathogens

Are pathogens are agents that can cause some diseases?

Yes, pathogens are agents capable of causing infections or some types of diseases. Pathogens are normally on our skin and any objects without causing problems. Not all pathogens succeed in their goal to find a host, but many pathogens do.

What are bacteria and viruses common types of?

Microorganisms. Some can be pathogens.

What are 4 types of pathogens that cause infectious disease?

people and chesse and rfat last one is cake that cause pathogens infectious disease.

What are four kinds of pathogens that cause disease in humans?

Bacteria, protozoa, worms and viruses are the four types of pathogens that cause the diseases in the humans.

What are 4 broad types of pathogens?

Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa.

What microorganisms cause disease?

Microorganisms that cause disease are called "pathogens". There are thousands of different pathogens. There are several different types of microscopic pathogens including bacteria, viruses, fungi or molds, and microscopic animals.yeast

What four types of pathogens do humans have that can cause infectious diseases?

hesabuta just

What type of blood cell attacks and kills pathogens?

White blood cells attack, engulfs and kills pathogens. Various types of white blood cells exist and each one is specialized on killing different types of pathogens. There are white cells that kill pathogens that cause acute infections while others target pathogens that cause chronic infections. The proportion of white cells found on examinationod blood sample could suggest the nature of infection we are dealing with.

What are five general types of pathogens?

bacteria. viruses. fungi. protozoa .(protists). parasites.

What are 4 types pathogens responsible for infectious disease?

bacteria virus fungi and parasite

What are the 4 types of pathogens that can cause infectious disease?

bacteria vituses fungi parasites

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