Salad Dressing

Types of salad dressing?

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One of my favourite dressing is made of ramson and cheese:

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How many carbs in salad dressing?

It depends on what type of salad dressing you are using. Most types vary.

What are types salad dressing?

Ranch dressing Thousand Island dressing Bleu Cheese dressing French Dressing Buttermilk Dressing Italian dressing Creamy Italian dressing Russian dressing

Is salad dressing heterogeneous?

Salad Dressing is homogeneous

What are types of dressings made of eggs oil and vinegar?

salad dressing

How do you say salad dressing in spanish?

Aliño de ensalada - salad dressingAderezo para ensalada - salad dressing

What is the difference between Russian salad dressing and Catalina salad dressing?

Russian salad dressing is sour than other

What are all the types of salad dressing?

If you make your own, there is no limit to the varieties you can make.

What are five types of salad dressing?

Mayonnaise, Thousand Island dressing, Vinegarette, Salad cream, Blue Ranch.Answergreen goddess miricale whipranchblue cheesefrenchthe four main types of salad dresssings are1. Oiled based salad dressings2. Mayonaise based salad dressings3. cooked salad dressings4. dairy salad dressings

Salad dressing homogeneous or heterogeneous?

Salad dressing is a heterogeneous mixture.

Is salad dressing a mixture?

Yes, salad dressing is a mixture.

Which of these is a example of a suspension vinegar blood or salad dressing?

Salad dressing.

What kind of mixture is a salad dressing?

salad dressing is not a mixture it is a compound

What is measure of dressing on salad?

Salad dressing is typically measured by tablespoon.

What is the difference between Russian salad dressing and Thousand Island salad dressing?

Russian salad dressing is most likely healthier than Thousand island dressing.

What is the difference between salad and salad dressing?

well the salad is the actual leaf but and the salad dressing is the sauce that goes over it

What is best in potato salad mayonnaise or salad dressing?

Mayo is better. The salad dressing can dominate the taste.

Does salad dressing have gluten?

some salad dressings have gluten, you must consult with the manufacturer of the salad dressing to find out whether or not the salad dressing you wish to consume is gluten free or not.

Where can you buy wishbone western salad dressing?

Kroger has this salad dressing usually.

What is a healthy salad dressing?

A healthy salad dressing is hidden vally ranch.

Can you use mozzarela cheeseas salad dressing?

No, mozzarella cheese is not a salad dressing.

What are the Esperanto words for salad and dressing?

Salad is salato. The dressing you put on salad is called a sauce: salata saûco.

Will green salad with Ranch Dressing make you fat?

Most of the calories in a green salad would be in the salad dressing. If you are concerned about gaining weight, you should restrict the amount of salad dressing you use, or use low-fat dressing.

Is salad dressing emulsions or colloid?

Salad dressing is an emulsion and a colloid. - My advice is forget about the big words and just call it "salad dressing"

What food group is salad dressing in?

salad dressing is in the oils group of the food pyramid

Why is dressing added to salad?

Dressing is added to salad to make it more interesting and flavourful.

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