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Types of scanners?

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flat bed

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What are the two main types of scanner?

there is no two main types. the types are the flatbed, Photo scanners, Sheetfed Scanners, Portable Scanners, Slide Scanners, Drum Scanners, Hand Scanners, and Single Sheet Scanners

Types of computer scanners?

There are 3 types of scanners currently being sold on the market. These scanners are photo scanners, paper fed scanners, and hand held scanners.

The working principle of scanner with the diagram?

there are so many types of scanners, like X-ray scanners, gamma ray scanner, RF scanners, biological scanners , etc. so please specify the the type of scanner requiring the explanation.

Which two types of scanners would be recommended to digitize delicate books from the last century?

Flatbed and Drum scanners are the best to use as far as I know

What are the types of scanners?

scanner type usage optical resolution maximum scan size features

What dangers do laser scanners have on humans?

radiation or burns or non visible effects like types of cancer

Who invented computer scanners?

Who invented scanners

What is a sheetfed scanners?

Sheet fed scanners have automatic document feeders. Flat bed scanners do not.

Are Iris Scanners dangerous?

No iris scanners are not dangerous.

What is the duration of Scanners?

The duration of Scanners is 1.72 hours.

How do you cheat at fishticuffs on msn?

using variable scanners how do i get virable scanners

Where can one find images of camera scanners?

You can find images of camera scanners on almost any site that sells camera scanners. Sites like amazon, tiger direct, and newegg will have images of camera scanners.

What is the purpose of the section Brain Scanners Show How?

To explain how brain scanners work

How are police scanners and computer scanners different?

Police scanners check for police radar beams so that a person knows whether or not they are being monitored. A computer scanners scans a physical document and makes it into a computer document.

Which is the best online places to listen online on police scanners that wont hurt your scanners?

The best place online to listen to online police scanners is Listening to the police scanner online should not damage your other scanners.

Are there quality laptops available with fingerprint scanners?

There are a wide variety of fingerprint scanners available for your laptop. There are high quality fingerprint scanners to look at and compare at

Do Airport scanners damage mp3 players?

I have been through scanners with my Ipods and there was no damage.

Can you use sane software for all scanners?

No, some scanners need a different driver.

What are scanners?

a scanners is a machine what copies an image to the computer so you can edit it or send it to a freind

Is americium used in bar code scanners?

Americium is not used in bar code scanners.

When was Scanners - album - created?

Scanners - album - was created in 2008-02.

What are the types of computer equipment used in an office?

PCs, printers, modems, scanners, mice, projectors, screens, speakers, microphones and many, many others.

Where can I find reviews for a sheet fed scanner?

You can find reviews on sheet-fed scanners by visiting Sheet-fed scanners generally run $100-200.

How are newspaper scanners used?

Newspaper scanners come in three flavors: 1) feedthrough scanners; 2) flatbed scanners; and 3: overhead scanners. Feedthrough scanners have a wide throat that the paper is fed through. They are actually architectural drawing scanners that can be used to scan newspapers that are not torn or brittle from age. Flatbed scanners can scan very delicate newspapers, but the newspapers must be placed upside down on the glass plate of the scanner. These are the most common type of scanners for newspapers. Overhead scanners are used when the pages of a newspaper are so delicate that they are stored individually and cannot even be turned upside down. The most common assumption/misconception about scanners of any kind is that they always 'read' the text and convert it into editable form. This function is in fact a software add-on. The scanners themselves simply convert objects into digital images that can be viewed and read as is or further processed by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software and text or PDF files output.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of drum scanners?

Drum scanners are able to produce very high resolution scans and are also capable of fluid mounting which greatly improves the scan quality. The major disadvantages of drum scanners are that they are very bulky and expensive when compared to flatbed scanners.

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