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Summary of secondary storage media. Floppy disk, direct access and removeable.Use Slow Sequential Access Hard disk, high capacity and fastest direct access. Use Store Programs and Data CD-ROM High capacity and removable direct access. Use Entertainment Software, Reference Material Magnetic Tape, High capacity and inexpensive.Use Back-up Programs and Data.

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Devices other than primary devices are known as secondary devices. When we categorize them in storage devices they are known as secondary storage devices . Examples of secondary storage devices are pen drives , Compact discs ,external hard disk etc

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What is the storage drive of a computer?

There are two types of storage devices used with computers: a primary storage device, such as RAM, and a secondary storage device, like a hard drive. Secondary storage can be removable, internal, or external storage.

Two types of storage devices?

Primary and Secondary Storage device

Is floppy disk a secondary storage device?

Yes.Floppy disk is a secondary storage device

Is ROM a primary storage device or a secondary storage device?

ROM is a primary storage device.

What is the overall trend in secondary storage device?

The overall trend in secondary storage device is the migration from rotating magnetic discs to solid state storage. Solid state drives (SSD's) are however considerably more costly than older types of storage.

Serial access secondary storage device?

name one access secondary device?

What is the difference between primary storage device and secondary storage device?

eat shiitt

What is secondary storage device also called?

The secondary storage drive is called a slave drive.

What is the similarity between primary storage and secondary storage?

They are both storage device

Which secondary storage device is used for microcomputer and why?

The Device we can used to store data by the Computer,it is know as Storage Device.

What is an example of secondary storage device?

A secondary storage device can be a hard drive or a CD/DVD drive connected to the secondary IDE motherboard connection.A storage medium that holds information until it is deleted or overwritten. For example, a floppy disk drive or a hard disk drive is an example of a secondary storage device.

What are the types of computer storage?

types of storage for a computer are primary & secondary

What is the purpose of storage devices in a computer?

To help keep files saved and not lost. Different types of storage devices are: 1. Primary storage device like RAM 2. Secondary storage device like Hard disk 3. Offline storage device like flash drive

Is ram a secondary storage device?

yes ,ram is secondary memory.

Is a jump drive a storage device?

yes, this is temporary, secondary storage

What are the Characteristics of the secondary storage devices?

characteristics of types of latest secondary storage devices

Two types of storage in a system?

Primary storage and Secondary Storage.

What is the difference between hardrive and ram?

hardrive nothing but it is secondary storage device,And Ram is a primary storage device

What is the difference between primary storage device and secondary storage?

Primary storage in a device is the place where all data is preferably stored by default. Although if it is found to be full , the data gets stored in the secondary storage memory.

What is the Disadvantages of Secondary Storage device?

They are slow then rom

Name three example of secondary storage device?

USB Mass Storage Device, Memory Stick, DVD-Rom.

What are the Types of storage devices in PC hardware?

Primary and Secondary storage.

What are secondary storage device for mobile phone?

memory card

What is a secondary device?

Secondary storage device is USB and also the external hard disk are external devices these are best for external memory.

What is the complete definition of secondary storage?

Secondary storage is a device that are not attached to the computer; however, it can be inserted in order to archive additional data. Examples of secondary storage include CDs, DVDs, and floppy discs.