Under Scottish law a police officer seizes property what law does he do this under?

The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 Codes of Practice Code B allows seizure, this power is given by statute, in Part II of The Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001, which "... allowing an officer to seize property from persons or premises and retain it for sifting or examination elsewhere". Magistrates may allow such seizure in their jurisdiction it being issued in form of a Warrant. PACE 1984 Part II deals with seizure of property. The Act allows property to be seized under sections 18(2) and 19(3) when it would be "physically possible to seize and retain the premises in their totality and practical considerations make seizure desirable". "Any person claiming property seized by the police may apply to a magistrates’ court under the Police (Property) Act 1897 for its possession and should, if appropriate, be advised of this procedure." - PACE B 7B Code A Annex C of the PACE CoP allows for PCSOs to seize content. The entire PACE codes can be viewed here: http://police.homeoffice.gov.uk/operational-policing/powers-pace-codes/pace-codes.html