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Under the Navigation Rules, it is OK to break the rules when it is absolutely necessary to avoid a collision.

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In which situation is it OK to break the rules Under the Navigation Rules?

When nessasary to aviod a collision

Under navigation rules in which situation is it ok to break the rules?

When absolutely necessary to avoid a collision.

When Under the Navigation Rules in which situation is it OK to break the rules?

insane captain or crew in danger is enough for mutany (MEWT-KNEE)

When is it okay to break the navigation rules?

When is a war,the end of the world or when this kind of monster or something else

What is another phrase for break the law?

Other phrases for break the law areFlout the rulesBreak the rulesFloat the lawAnd so on.

How do you get removed from WikiAnswers and Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a different company; I do not know their site rules. WikiAnswers is now displayed under one name: The site rules are in the Help Center. If you break the rules, your account can be blocked.

When in billards if a player sinks the 8 ball and the que ball on a break is this a win or loss?

Under the APA Rules, the most used in North America, this is loss of game. Under most House Rules in the US, this is loss of game.

What does motion to adj mean within the court system?

under Roberts rules of order a motion to adj is a request for a break the lenght of the break or recease is decieded by the presiding judge

When was Break the Rules - song - created?

Break the Rules - song - was created on 1974-04-26.

Is rsbot legal?

It does not break the law, but it does break the Runescape rules.

What rule did Artemis break?

she didnt break any rules..

How did people get to Alcatraz Island?

There was an old saying: "you break the rules, you go to jail. you break the jail's rules, you go to Alcatraz."

What did to break new ground mean in ww1?

To break ground rules

How do you get a penalty in football?

Break the rules

What can a player not do in soccer?

break the rules

In pool can you win by sinking the 8 ball on a break?

In many common lounges and bars, the 'house" rules say this wins the game. * Correction - Under APA rules, the largest governing body in the US, sinking the 8 ball on the break is a win. See the below link for the 8 Ball rules that govern the majority of pool players in North America.

Do people voluntarily agree to obey the rules and accept the socail patterns?

Most do, but some are only 'civilized' when society has a method of punishing those who break the rules, and some will break the rules anyway.

Why do people break rules?

To show independence.

Did cromwell break the rules of war?


What was the roll of the religion?

to not break the rules of religion.

Who is allowed to break the rules of the constitution?

no one is

What are the rules when you are taking a break from each other?

There are no 'rules' this is something that you and your partner will have to work out for yourselves.

When is it acceptable to break the rules of grammar while writing?

The rules are flexible and there is no precise definition of when they can be broken. In informal situations it is more likely to see them broken. You can always break the rules when quoting exactly what someone says.

What is the definition of debacle?

A break down of a certain situation.

What is the highest break you can score in snooker?

In theory a break of 155 is possible with a free ball situation.