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the best defense is to have some physical documentation stating that you are indeed the father. once you have this get a lawyer to argue before a judge that this move would not be in the best interest of the child and due to physical constraints you would not be able to be a stable presence in the child's life which you strongly desire. this is after you are proven to be the father and have a custody agreement.

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If the child does not have the fathers last name can the father change the childs last name?

If he is married to the child's mother the decision is theirs to make, but if he is not married to her the mother decides the child's last name.

Can heart to heart contact from a mother restart a childs heartbeat after an unspecified amount of dead time from the mother-child connection they have?

There is no scientific proof that direct heart to heart contact between Mother and child can restart a childs heartbeat.

Can a father stop mother from seeing kids?

No. Only a court can prevent a mother from seeing her children.No. Only a court can prevent a mother from seeing her children.No. Only a court can prevent a mother from seeing her children.No. Only a court can prevent a mother from seeing her children.

Was Mother Teresa's father married?

Yes, he was married to Mother Teresa's mother.

Who is Persephone's mother married?

Persephone's mother Demeter is not married.

What does Megan QT do for a living now?

un employed - she is working like a nomal person. she works in a shopping mall. sorry but she is Mother rigth now and she has two nice Childs and she is married

Is your sister-in-law's mother your mother-in-law?

If (as a man) you married your sister-in-law's sister then her mother is your mother-in-law. If (as a woman) you married your sister-in-law's brother then her mother is your mother-in-law. If your sister-in-law married your brother then her mother is not your mother-in-law.

What are the circumstances under which a teen mother can get emancipated?

Under the same circumstances as anyone else. The fact that she's a mother is irrelevant. The same 'rules' still apply.

What is the difference between a stepmother and a mother-in-law?

If your father is married to a woman who is not your mother, this woman is your step-mother. If you are married, the mother of your spouse is your mother-in-law.

Who usually gets custody the mother or the father?

In most circumstances the mother gets primary custody.

Who was Helen of troys mother married to?

The mother of Helen of Troy was Leda who was married to King Tyndareus of Sparta.

Who is Selena Gomez' mother married to?

Selena's mother, Mandy Teefey, is married to Brian Teefey.

Do Muslim grooms parents have to provide transportation for the Brides mother if the coupl is getting married in another country where the grooms parents live?

They are not obliged to do this, but if the Mother of the Bride is in reduced circumstances , and the Groom's parents can afford it, it would be a lovely Bride's Gift from her new in-laws.

Who did Mother Teresa get married to?

Mother Theresa was never married in the normal sense. Nuns are considered married to Jesus Christ and take a vow of chastity.

Who did Hamlet's mother get married to after his father died?

Hamlet's mother married his uncle (his father's brother) after his father's death.

Who was the husband of Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa was never married.

Was Mother Teresa the mother of Saint Teresa?

No, Mother Teresa had no children as she was never married.

Do you have custody if children live with you?

Depends on the circumstances. If you are a single father, without court orders, the mother still has sole custody and control. If married, you have possession, however if you file for child support, you have a presumption of custody.

How can my daughter can get financial support from her father?

A childs mother must file a petition for child support in the local family court.

Who are Mother Teresa's children?

Mother Teresa had no children. She was never married.

Did Mother Teresa have a partner husband?

Mother Teresa was never married.

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