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If no candidate receives a majority of the electoral votes,the house votes by state to decide the winner.

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They can resign, decide not to run for re-election, fail to win re-election, be impeached and convicted, or die in office.

The congress already approve the budget of 2009 for the Barangay and SK Election on October 25, 2010. chect out the comelec website but lets see the 15th congress on how they will decide on this matter. still i feel the Barangay and Sk Election will be push through on October 25, 2010.

If each candidate gets the same number of votes in the Electoral College, then the Congress will decide who gets to be President.

It is possible and it is up to a court to decide depending on the circumstances.It is possible and it is up to a court to decide depending on the circumstances.It is possible and it is up to a court to decide depending on the circumstances.It is possible and it is up to a court to decide depending on the circumstances.

The Supreme Court decide the presidential election.

They were ready to have Congress elect the President in every election, but they agreed to the electoral college system as a compromise.

The twelfth amendments deals with the election of the president. If something should happen that the electoral college fails to decide, the congress must decide. There is a full set of rules as to what happens and in what order to determine who the next leader will be.

How did the second continental congress decide to finance their army

Election is a noun. Ex: They held an election to decide who would be the next president.

A General Election allows voters to decide the next Government.

No. Congress can decide whether or not the metric system is adopted by the US, but the metric system exists and is used by developed countries whatever Congress choses to do.

There was not a clear winner in the electoral college which, according to the Constitution, put the issue before the House to decide. The South agreed to support Hayes, if Hayes agreed to end Reconstruction. Thus, he won.

to decide on important public issues

After the passage of the 17th Amendment, all members of Congress are now elected by popular vote of their district or state. Should a vacancy occur after an election, it is up to the individual state to decide how to fill that vacancy for the remainder of the term. Some states stipulate a special election, others allow the governor to appoint someone, and a few have the state legislature appoint someone.

The primaries are the elections in which candidates are selected to represent their respective parties in a general election.

The primary election is held to decide the candidacy for a particular party.Therefore the only way to decide the democratic nominee is to be a registered democrat. However in the main election you are allowed to vote for the party of your choice.

He was frustrated over the direction the viet nam war wa headed and his diliculty directing US involerrnent with the us congress inhibiting his management of the war

The congress decided to pay some of them with land

It doesn't affect Congress. It is only a method of some states to decide about a politician.