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A seed can remain dormant for a long period of time under dry conditions. If there is too much moisture, it will germinate.

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How does a seed sprouts under a favorable and unfavorable condition?

It is called in favorable conditions Germination and is unfavorable Dormant

How does a proto-oncogene differ from an oncogene?

Compare with a virus: dormant to active, potential to kinetic, potent(ial) to actual. The proto-oncogene may become a cancer-causing oncogene only under very specific conditions and may, under other conditions, just as well lay dormant.

Is an apple seed a living thing?

It is a dormant living thing. Under the right conditions, it becomes an active living thing.

What is a dormant savings account?

A savings account that has had no deposits or withdrawals (account owner initiated transactions) for an extended period - usually a year. After an extended period of time dormant accounts are seized by the states they are in under "unclaimed property" laws. They "hold" them for you.

How does the tuber enable the plant to survive unfavorable conditions?

A tuber stores plenty of food material along with propagules in the form of buds and remains dormant under unfavorable conditions.

What do you mean by dormancy in a seed?

Seed dormancy is a condition of plant seeds that prevents germination when the seeds are under optimal environmental conditions for germination. Living, non dormant seeds germinate when soil temperatures and moisture conditions are suited for cellular processes and division; dormant seeds do not.

What makes earthworms remain inside the soil under normal conditions?

because it is moisture down there...........................

Is the lake taupo volcano active dormant or extinct?

The volcano under Lake Taupo is dormant.

What is heliums period and group?

Helium is under group 18 and period 1. This makes helium a noble gas with the most electrons it can possibly have under stable conditions.

Are rift volcanoes active?

They can be. Where a volcano forms does not determine its state of activity. Volcanoes produced under any geologic conditions known to produce volcanism can be active, dormant, or extinct.

What happens under the conditions?

To what, under which conditions?

Is a seed a living thing or nonliving thing?

it is nonliving Seed is living as it has got capacity to grow to a plant under favourable conditions. Life is dormant in seeds. Seeds become dead under unfavourable storage conditions. What is life? In simple terms life is the ability to multiply. Seeds may need energy to keep living as we say seeds are living under favourable conditions. The energy needs may be minimal.

Is it in the field conditions or under field conditions?

"Under field conditions" is more idiomatic.

What happens to bluebells in winter?

They lie dormant as bulbs under the soil.

Are snakes dormant in Winter?

no they ussually live under rocks and stuff

Is a sunflower seed abiotic or biotic?

Any thing like this is just life that is dormant for awhile. It will sprout under the proper conditions. A bear that hibernates through the winter is also an example. These are both biotic.

What is the difference between an inactive and dormant volcanoes?

dormant volcano is just under of inactive inactive volcano that has erupted but it didn't erupt for a long time is a dormant volcano, meaning, it's just sleeping.

What are some common things about Lichen and Moss?

Moss is a plant, Reproduces by means of spores, Gets its nourishment from the air, photosynthesis, and water, Has no root system, Has no vascular tissue, Can go dormant Under stressful conditions.

Why does the density of a substance remain the same for difference amounts of the substance?

Yes, under the same physical conditions influencing volume that is true (e.g. temperature and pressure).

How long does it take for metamorphic rock to melt in the upper mantle of the Earth?

The length of time is totally dependent to the conditions of heat and pressure under which the rock is exposed. Until certain conditions are met, the rock will remain a solid.

What is seed dormancy?

Seed dormancy can be defined as a period for the mature seed not allowing germination in the seed germinator (or under conditions of germination)

Energy may change from one form to another but it cannot be created or destroyed under ordinary conditions?

It cannot be created or destroyed under anyconditions.It cannot be created or destroyed under anyconditions.It cannot be created or destroyed under anyconditions.It cannot be created or destroyed under any conditions.

Are dormant volcanoes active?

That's like asking 'are sleeping people awake?'. Dormant volcanoes, by definition, are not active, though they can become active under certain circumstances.

How many dormant volcanoes are there?

We don't know. We can only catalog the volcanoes we know about. There are probably more dormant volcanoes, especially under the ocean, that we haven't found yet.

Do slugs like to live under rocks?

A slug will avoid hot and dry conditions, and remain in cooler, darker, damper ones. This not only prevents their vital mucous layer from drying out, but also help to avoid predators. Generally, these conditions can be found under rocks, making it beneficial habitat for them.