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Spain. His voyage was funded by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

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Q: Under whose flag was Columbus sailing when he discovered America?
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What European arrived in America in 1492?

Christopher Columbus, sailing under the Spanish flag, landed on San Salvador, an island in the Bahamas, on October 12, 1492.

What flag did Christopher Columbus sail under?

Christopher Columbus sailed under the flag of Spain.

Columbus sailed to the America under the flag of?


When did explorers start to come to America?

Leif Ericson might have traveled to Baffin Island, Canada around AD 1000. However, European exploration of America effectively started with Christopher Columbus, a Genoan sailing under the flag of Spain, in 1492.

What is a sailing instrument that determined a ship's location by its position under the stars?

These days, an instrument called a "Sextant". Before Columbus, an "Astrolabe".

Who did Christopher Columbus discover land for?

Christopher Columbus' voyages were financed by the Crown of Castile, which later became part of the Kingdom of Spain, and he sailed under the flag of that kingdom. So the lands he discovered, he discovered for Castile.

What if Christopher Columbus had not discovered and claimed North America?

Someone else would have. But If noone did then noth America would be more cleanly without disease. Seeing as disease was non existent till europeans and many other people came to AmericaIf Christopher Columbus had not dicovered Norht America, then eventually, somebody else would have. Who knows, we may not even be here to day if it weren't for Columbus, but somebody else definitley would have discovered it.No but did he really discovered it. Any ole guy could of came alond n did it but Him is it trueIf christopher Columbus had not discovered north America, then we would not be a free country today. we would still be under unfair british rule. we also would not be able to have our fair choice in religion.we would be a monarch country.

What flag did Columbus sail to America under?

The spanish flag.Because the spanish queen sponsored him

What is sailing under I have heard in old time sailing it had something to do with stopping the ship?

Heavy Weather Sailing: Sailing under shortened sail.Sailing Under.Could also refer to Sailing under a certain flag depending on what country controled the waters you were entering so your ship would not be stopped and inspected.Hope This Helps.

What year did Christopher Columbus discover the Americas?

Christopher Columbus (October 30, 1451? - 20 May 1506) was an explorer and trader who first crossed the Atlantic Ocean and reached the Americas in 1492, sailing under the flag of the Kingdom of Castile.

What are the levels of sailing?

Under water, on the water, and above the water are the three levels of sailing.

Before Columbus arrived the only europeans to have temporarily visted north America were?

The Vikings under Leif Erickson.

Is Columbus named after a president?

not hardly- Columbus lived long before anybody even dreamed of a US president. (Columbus was an Italian explorer who sailed under the Spanish flag and reached North America in 1492.)

What were some of the advances that the potuguese made in sailing under prince henrys leadership?

why were some of the advances that the portuguese made in sailing under Prince Henrys leadership

What actors and actresses appeared in Sailing Under False Colors - 1913?

The cast of Sailing Under False Colors - 1913 includes: Dot Farley Lloyd Hamilton

In what sort of race has the winner of the America's cup competed?

The winner of the America's Cup has competed in a sailing race that originated in 1851 and continues to this day. The standard format of the race involves two sailing yachts, one (the holder of the Cup) as the defender and the other as the challenger. In recent years, multiple challengers have been allowed under altered racing conditions.

What was christhopher columbus flag born?

Columbus sailed under the Spanish crown flag so there is no "Columbus flag."

Did Chief Howling Wind Discover America First?

I think he did. During the Ice age his people crossed the land between Russia and Canada (it froze over, seeing as it was the Ice Age) and came to America. This was looong before Columbus, Cook, Vespucci, and even Leaf Erickson (vikings). However, some say this walk was not truly "discovering" So 'who discovered America?' is constantly under debate. Hopefully, you share my opinion.

Who was the first leader of Cuba?

The Arawak and Ciboney Indians. Cuba was discovered by Columbus in 1492 and colonized by Spain in 1511 under the leadership of Diego de Velazquez.

Was Puerto Rico ever known under a different name?

Yes, the name was Boriquen and it was given the name by the Tiano indians. When it was discovered by Columbus, he named it San Juan Bautista.

When did Cabot discover land?

In 1497 John Cabot discovered parts of North America under the commission of Henry VII of England.

Who discovered the under ground railroad?

its not who discovered it its who created it

Why Columbus sailed west in 1492?

Christopher Columbus, under the backing of the Spanish crown, sailed west to find a shorter way to sail to India. He unknowingly discovered the New World. The reason that he called the Native Americans "Indians" was because he mistakenly thought he was in India.

When did Christopher Columbus sail to the Bahamas to America?

because he he very lonely and people didnt under stand his auitherityer to the us. ex. mr. herbert hi there!

Why did Columbus sail for the French?

Columbus was an Italian-born Spanish explorer. He operated under the Spanish Flag in all four of his major voyages to the New World. He did not sail under the French Banner, you must be thinking of LaSalle, or Champlain (of Lake Fame) or other French Voyagers such as Cartier who discovered Canada- no he did not get sponsorship from the as-yet unfounded Fifth avenue Jeweler!

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