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How do countries respond to the unequal distribution of resorces?

countries create differences that affect the economies of the world's countries. The competition also leads to conflict.

What leads to irregular zone of inhibition?

excess liquid on paper disk leads to unequal radial diffusion

Why is water important to the middle east?

It allows people to use it for irrigation, farming, drinking, or to locate oil. There is an abundance of water in the middle east but there is an unequal distribution of it. Unequal distribution leads to conflict between countries. This is a much better answer than the last one.... Trust me... It said "cause it is". HOW STUPID lol. Hope this helps... BTW TYPE IN CHRISTIANITY IS.... ON GOOGLE IF YOU ARE CHRISTIAN......NOT GOOD...........

What does dipole mean?

A dipole refers to two electrostatic charges which are separated by distance. In chemical compounds a dipole refers to unequal distribution of charge across a molecule that leads to an effective dipole often due to vector sum of bond dipoles.

Do policies create unequal distribution of resources?

Any government will have redistibution of wealth and resources as one of its main policies. It takes away money from companies and individuals through taxes and gives it to other companies and individuals through government contracts, subsidies, welfare and foreign aid. Whether this leads to ´unequal´ distribution is mostly a matter of perspective. Money spent by a country on defence or welfare might at the same time be considered as extravagant by some and as totally insufficient by others. There will be only consensus on this in extreme cases where government policies only favor a small group of already very rich people while keeping a great majority in poverty.

What are the Problems of socialization?

Socialization leads to apathy. Apathy in a majority of people leads to less production and a weakening economy. A weakening economy will result in the need for more socialization

What is a part of the American Dream that is undermined in The Great Gatsby?

wealth leads to happiness

How might democratic reforms and improved trade agreement contribute to a stronger economy in Mexico?

Democratic reform leads to political stability and human development which leads to improve productivity and economy.

What are some disadvantages of plbanned economy?

The disadvantage of a planned economy is that there is lack of profit which usually leads to the inefficiency of the firms.

How does tsunamis affect the people?

1. makes people loose their loved ones and that loose of life of many people leads to reduction in population which also has its major side effects. 2. leads to destruction of property thus leading to lack of jobs,homes,food,schools,hospitals and even roads which affects a country's infrastructure. 3. leads to pyschological/mental disturbances of human beings which later affects the growing of a country. 4. leads to unequal distribution of resources and therefore can cause crimes such as robbery,murder,prostituion etc

Why is it necessary to come up with theories to explain what happens in the economy?

Most people are affected by the state of the economy, often quite seriously. A bad economy leads to unemployment, poverty, and in extreme cases, even starvation and death. A good economy leads to prosperity and happiness. So we have good reason to want a healthy economy. And in order to maintain economic health, we need to understand how our economy works.

What are the adverse effects of communal disharmony on the social fabric and economy of our country?

The adverse effects of communal disharmony on the social fabric and economy of a given country is that it leads to slow economic growth rate. It also leads to unemployment.

How does exchange rates depreciation affect the south African economy?

Exchange rates depreciation affect the south African economy because it leads to changes in inflation in the country' economy .

How does unequal heating relate to the formation of tornadoes?

Unequal heating leads to air masses of different temperatures. When a cool air mass collides with a warm, moist air mass thunderstorms often form. Under the right conditions these thunderstorms can produce tornadoes.

Is overpopulation a problem?

yes it is!! it would affect the economic growth ofcountry. poverty problem also arises.resources available are limited but the users of it are more so leads to unequal distribution among the people.Further answerThe word 'overpopulation' itself is the answer to your question because it means 'populated more than is suitable'. Otherwise it would just be 'populated'.

Capitalism is unfair?

Capitalism is a system driven by private ownership of means of production. This leads to a system in which an entire nation's populace is driven by the desire to make profits and accumulate wealth. A true capitalist system is a free market economy with NO interference from any governing body. Many people view this system as unfair because, once a bit of wealth is accumulated or inherited, it becomes easier to accumulate more wealth. However, it is exceptionally rare and nearly impossible for someone who has very little wealth to accumulate any, hence the saying "you need money to make money". This leads to the concentration of most of a nation's wealth among a tiny percentage of the population, with the vast majority of a nation's population sharing the rest. Without some form of interference from the government or the formation of powerful worker's unions, capitalism inevitably leads to the concentration of power among the few, and the exploitation of the many. This is why a capitalist economic system can be seen as "unfair".

What is state led development?

State led development is where the Government leads the development in an economy.

What is the result in a reduction of GDP?

The reduction of GDP usually leads to job loses and a drop in the growth of economy. It also leads to more imports than the exports.

What are the effects of inflation on distribution of income and on the balance of payment?

It leads to an arbitrary redistribution of income and difficulties in the baqlance of payment

How do savings and investments influence economic growth and prosperity?

They promote economic growth by adding money into the economy, which is then spent on goods and services. That leads to greater availability of funds to lend, which leads to lower interest rates, which leads to greater borrowing for business investment, which leads to business expansion, which leads to more employment, which leads to economic growth.

Are the homes offered by Optima wealth solutions overpriced?

Home Wealth Solutions tell me they use different call centres to generate leads and it seems like they have a large sales staff. I would say there is a good chance anything offered by Home Wealth Solutions is overpriced.

What were the disadvantages of an economy based on one or two cash crops?

The disadvantages of an economy based on one or two cash crops is that if those crops fail, the economy fails. Most countries and areas have quite a few crops they grow which leads to a more stable economy.

What are the harmful effects of a large population in relation to the economy?

as the population increases it effects the growth or economy of a country in many ways. It leads to formation of slums and poor food supply.

What were the main reasons Europe wanted to colonize the rest of the world?

Europe went on to colonize the rest of the world for power and wealth. More land equals more power and more resources and labor which leads to more wealth.

What is an agricultural-based economy?

An agricultural-based economy is an economy in which everything starts with how well agriculture in that society is. Such as in the Ancient Mesopotamian society in which a surplus caused by agriculture led to job specialization, which in turn led to more manufacturing, which led to more trade, which would then lead to a richer economy. But if the farming is not producing enough food, then more workers will have to work in agriculture which leads to less manufacturing/specialized jobs, which in turn leads to less trade, and then a poor-er economy.