Unit step signal is energy or power signal?

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The unit step signal is a Power signal. Since when we find the power it comes to 1/2 (i.e finite value). And when we find its energy, we got INFINITY. If a signal has energy as infinity and power as a finite non-zero value, then it is a power signal, not an energy signal.
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What is a signal?

A signal is a function that represents a physical quantity,a function may be defined by two or more variable. e.g a Sinosoidal signal require three parameters to define it completely that are amplitude,frequency and phase.

What is Signaling?

In telephony, signaling is the exchange of information between involved points in the network that sets up, controls, and terminates each telephone call. In in-band signaling , the signaling is on the same channel as the telephone call. In out-of-band signaling , signaling is on separate channels de ( Full Answer )

What are the steps in cell signaling?

Successful cell signaling involves a sender, a signal and a receptor or receiver. There are many different ways in which cell signaling can occur, firstly; there are many different types of signals. These can be classified into two main groups, protein/ polypeptide signals and steroid based or hydro ( Full Answer )

What is the purpose of a power good signal?

It signals the CPU that the power supply has stabilized and isproducing clean, usable power levels, and the system can proceed with booting.

Why is reverse power protection required in units like signal generators?

Results of Motorization of a Generator If a generator loses prime mover power, it acts as a motor with a DC field on the rotor The DC field will cause the rotor to try and follow the AC field in the same direction as before If the mechanical drag on the rotor is heavy, it will fall behind and "s ( Full Answer )

How to find whether unit step signal is power signal or energy signal?

usuall, all time limited, non periodic signals are energy signals and all periodic signals are power signals... but there could be some exceptions... it is a power signal....... This can be found out as below: integrating square of 1 from 0 to T/2 will give -----> T/2 {as unit step exist frm 0 ( Full Answer )

Define energy and power signal?

Here Energy signals are limited but power signals can exist to infinite distance. Non periodic signals are energy signals while power signals are periodic.

What does the power good signal do?

It enables a computer to switch ON after ensuring that the power supply turns ON and operates normally .In the event of malfunction of the power suppply the computer will not accept the power and refuse to boot.

What is the purpose of the Power Good signal?

Too make sure you have the amount the thing needs to have. If Power_Good the you have it. If Power_ok then you may need more soon. If bad then you need to need to change it.

Can any signal have no energy?

In order for a signal to be detected, it must impart energy to the receiver, so, no, there are no signals that have no energy.. It might seem that there is no energy. If you carefully consider capacitive and inductive reactance, however, you will note that current and voltage can be out of phase. I ( Full Answer )

How is an analog signal converted into a digital signal and in which steps is it done?

The analog signal goes through an ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) integrated circuit chip which analyzes it by taking samples in discrete steps which is a process called "quantizing": at each step the signal is rapidly matched against 255 digital levels. Each of the 255 levels has a matching ei ( Full Answer )

Where does the energy come from to amplify the signal in a amplifier?

The energy comes from an additional power source, like a battery. Via various resistors and capacitors, the energy from the power source is put into the circuit. The signal that enters the ciruit will exit the circuit with a higher energy; the signal has been amplified.

Where is the passenger side turn signal unit on a 2003 Taurus?

Both turn signals work when they want to. The hazzard lights workjust fine. All bulbs are great. The turn signal indicator willflash inside the car for a few seconds and then stop. The outisdeturn signal lights stop too.

Steps taken to convert analog-to-digital signals?

An Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) takes an analog input signal and converts the input, through a mathematical function, into a digital output signal. While there are many ways of implementing an ADC, there are three conceptual steps that occur. . The signal is sampled. . The sampled signal is q ( Full Answer )

Does veto power signal weakness with congress?

The president uses the veto as a last resort- it does signal an inability to influence the writing of legislation before it is actually passed. The president usually lets it be known that he will veto a bill and if Congress passes it anyway it indicates a challenge to the president.

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Why random signals are called power signals?

Energy signals are finite duration. That means if a random signal is energy type, all its realizations or its sample functions must be zero at infinity. So its expected value or mean is zero at infinity. On the other hand, a stationary process has a time invariant mean. So if its expected value is ( Full Answer )

Is unit impulse an energy signal or power signal?

checking if it is an energy signal E= integration from 0 to infinity of t gives infinity so it is not an energy signal P=limit ( t tending to infinity)*(1/t)*(integration from 0 to t/2 of t) gives us infinity so it is not an energy or a power signal

What is power good signal of smps?

power good sgnal is +5v signal generated by power supply to ndicate that power is ready to use or ok...power good signal also known as power ok signal.smps gives the power good signal to the motherboard to indicate that it(power) is ready to use.it prevents the computr from attempting to operate in ( Full Answer )

Why we need high power to generate AM signal and low power to generate FM signal?

The reason FM has lower power and AM has higher power is because the more power that an AM signal has, the farther it will go, but FM does not work that way. AM waves can bounce off of the atmosphere, especially at night. This is the reason that you can hear AM stations from far away at night. FM, o ( Full Answer )

What is power signal and what is energy signal?

Those signals which have finite energy and zero power known as energy signal.. Those signals which have infinite energy and finite power known as power signal..

How can you tell if the head unit output signal is to strong for the amp?

if the head unit can produce sound to your speakers without the amp you have high level output from head unit if your amp only accepts low level input (rca) plugs you must buy a high to low level converter which take speaker high output and reduces it to low ( rca) output and then go to your amp con ( Full Answer )

Is ramp function is energy signal or power signal?

no...it is neither energy nor power signal . Ramp is neither energy nor power signal because it has infinite energy as well as infinite power.....saket kumar (electronics & communication engineer),BMSCE MUKTSAR (PUNJAB).

What type of energy transformation does a radio signal have?

The radio signal itself, of course, is not an energy transformation - energy transformation means that energy is changed from one type to another. There is an energy transformation when the radio signal is created, and another one when it is absorbed.

What is average signal power?

Transmitting any signal requires energy. "Power" is energy per time unit; for example, if 10 mJ are used for the transmission every second, then the power is 10 mW. "Average"... Well, presumably the amount of signal power can change over time, so the average is taken for a certain time period. For e ( Full Answer )