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North Korean and Chinese troops at various locations during the Korean War

During the Korean War Japan was occupied by the United States and did not fight on either side, but was used by the US to resupply the United Nations troops in Korea

The US contributed the most troops and material during the Korean War .

Russia and China supported North Korea during the Korean War while the United Nations supported South Korea. Troops from the United States comprised 88 percent of the forces for the United Nations.

During the Korean War in the early 1950s, the South Koreans had many allies. Chief among them was the United States who contributed the vast majority of the troops to the United Nations effort.

The Soviet Union occupied the North and the United States had the South. North Korea became a communist nation. And South Korea became a democratic nation. In 1950, North Korean troops invaded South Korea. The United Nations sent troops from the United States to help defend South Korea. Chinese troops joined North Korea.

fought North Korean and Chinese troops

Many Korean troops tried to eacape into Germany after the Korean war (25th June 1950) Both Koerans and German's joined forces to create a new army.

When 75,000 troops from communist North Korea invaded South Korea, the United States sent troops to help South Korea in a war that lasted three years.

The motto of Military Police Corps - United States - is 'Of The Troops, for The Troops.'.

The United States of America took the position of opposing the Communists in the Indochina wars. The United States contributed advisors and troops.

During the Korean war the North Korean troops took over almost the whole Korean peninsula. Only due the US led UN troops intervention did the South Korean survive. After Some back and forth fighting with the US + South Korean troops agains North Korean + Chinese troops did the border stabilize where it stands today. US troops remain in South Korea as a deterrant against Norths invasion and to uphold the peace in the peninsula.

In September of 1945 United States troops accepted the surrender of the Japanese when they took over Seoul, Korea. In June of 1950 North Korea invades South Korea and takes over Seoul, Korea.

I think the answer should include off shore areas where the United States Navy sat for three years, doing shore bombardment and launching air strikes from aircraft carriers on North Korean targets. It should also include the furthest south North Korean troops went into South Korea in the year 1950, and the furthest North United Nations troops went into North Korea.

When the United States went back on a promise not to cross the 38th Parallel during the Korean War the People's Republic of China retaliated. They decided to surprise MacArthurâ??s troops by crossing the Yalu. Some think China wanted to keep North Korea communist so they had to step in.

The response of the United States to the outbreak of hostilities that came to be known as the Korean War (1950-1953) was forceful and decisive. Along with troops provided by the United Nations, American troops contributed first to the defense of South Korea, then the invasion of North Korea, then the establishment of a stalemate at the '38th Parallel' when peace was finally arranged between the combatants.

to clear south Korea from occupation by north Korean and Chinese troops

United States Troops in Yellowstone Park - 1903 was released on: USA: November 1903

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