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Us dollar getting strong or weak against other currency?


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2008-10-08 11:01:25
2008-10-08 11:01:25

It is getting weaker against other currencies


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The dollar usually rises against the euro whenever there is good news that is likely to increase confidence in the USA economy. A strong jobs report and currency reserves will also make the dollar bullish.

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hey guys, the u.s currency is pretty strong. it is grater than all the major currencies except Canadian dollar, the Japanese dollar and the Australian dollar. Omar Rajeh is such a hottie (hes a dude in gr.8)

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The Euro is a strong currency and many nations that cannot successfully maintain a currency prefer to use a strong foreign currency than risk inflation and a poor economy because they cannot regulate their money supply. The US Dollar and the British Pound are used similarly. (The US Dollar is the official currency of Ecuador, for example.)

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Hryvnia or Hryvnya, (UAH). Currency does not hold strong, and the hryvnia is losing value

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